077-Nick Keehus – Christianity – Jewish Customs – Islam & The Antichrist

Episode 077 sees Nick Keehus join Tony to tackle a couple of potentially controversial subjects. In the first half of the show they discuss the growing number of Believers who are full blown celebrating feasts and buying Jewish religious items like a Tallit (prayer Shawl), Kippa (skull cap), menorah’s and are doing it with a prophetic bent. While others who are new in the faith (and some who are not so new) feel like they are in the dark about it because of its cultural and ethnic overtones. Still others that want nothing to do with it. What is truth here?

In the second half of this episode they discuss Islam and it’s role in the New World Order. Could the antichrist be Islamic, or is that not in keeping with scripture? The answer given to this may not be  popular with some people. Find out why.

Nick Keehus has hosted his own radio and TV shows, earned a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies, two Master of Arts degrees (Theological Studies and Biblical Studies).  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology in the Phillipines. Keehus also studied exorcism in Rome. Authorship includes 3 books, articles, produced Jesus and Evidence for His Resurrection documentary film based in Israel and Rome featuring top historians, theologians and philosophers.

077-  Nick Keehus – Christianity – Jewish Customs – Islam & The Antichrist


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