075-Benjamin Baruch – On the Threshold of World War iii – Economic Implosion & Reset

Episode 075. Benjamin Baruch joins Tony in this interview and discuss how a wide range of Biblical Prophetic events are unfolding before us. We stand on the threshold of the World War III- a war that could kill more than a billion people. With this will come a certain collapse of the global financial system and a reset. Benjamin explains how not only has this been the plan of the Elite globalists for a long time, but it also fits perfectly with many prophecies found in the scriptures. He explains how he believes  that America IS found in the Bible more than any country other than Israel. He also tells us what he believes will happen to the USA in World War III, as well as what will happen in Israel and other nations based on his interpretation of bible prophecy. Did the cold war ever really end? Where does climate change fit in with the global picture? What are the Beasts spoken of in Daniel Chapter 7? Will  Donald Trump really be a “King Cyrus” as many Christians are claiming, or is that just a vain hope and fantasy of those looking for an escape from God’s judgement? This interview covers these and other topics related to the times we are living in. You may want to have a pen and notepad handy as there is lots that can be learned from this episode of the A Minute to Midnite Show.

075-Benjamin Baruch – On the Threshold of World War iii – Economic Implosion & Reset

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