Insider Warns Of Calamity – Jeff Berwick On The NWO Race To Destruction


– The Collapse Of All Fiat Currencies Is Coming & War Is On The Horizon

Submitted To All News PipeLine by Tony K of A Minute to Midnite

“The collapse of all fiat currencies…world war III? No….. those things will never happen. No one would be silly enough to start a nuclear war, and there’s no way they will let the current monetary system collapse.”

That probably sums up the collective thoughts of a huge number of people in the world as they stare at you with glazed over eyes if you try to tell them we are on the cusp of these things potentially occurring very, very soon.. They just can’t fathom those scenarios ever REALLY happening. No..they snicker and scoff as they go back to their Pokemon’s or farmville games, or switch on the idiot box to see latest television discussion on the Kardashians. It’s called normalcy bias.




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