Prophetic Dream – Mark of the Beast Nears


                                                 By Sean H (June 2016)

Extract From The Article:

When I went to the checkout area, it resembled a normal checkout. I knew in the dream that I was only granted a limited amount of funds and items to use. I did not pull out my wallet because the checker already knew who I was and how much digital currency I had. I kept on wondering why I had funds or was allowed to purchase the items. There was a very detailed system in place from what I could see. Each person who entered the store had a list that organized what they could have and how much supplies were given. The list was on display via a handheld device that each guard had, and there was a list that appeared on the checking item screen. However, I knew the Lord was pointing out this device in the dream as symbolism. The lists were not truly visible to every person.


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