050-John Little (Part II) – The End Times Epicenter Is Jerusalem

Episode 050 Of A Minute to Midnite sees John Little join Tony for a return to the discussion on the End Times, and they attempt to bring a balanced perspective to the role of Jerusalem and Israel in these days. Both John and Tony believe that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish nation with Jerusalem as it’s capital. However they don’t view it with rose tinted glasses, knowing that just as God has a plan for Israel- so does Satan. Questions such as the Khazarian theory, the Rothschild money and the Illuminati influence on the nation ( and world) are talked about. The role of mis-guided Christians who financially support the building of a third temple are spoken about in this interview also. John Little personally lived in Jerusalem for 15 years and has first-hand knowledge of the situation in that city, and knows  the reality of what the conflict surrounding it. He shares some fascinating insights into the situation both currently and for future days. The discussion also briefly covers the coming economic collapse and how things are going to became much more difficult for all very soon.

050-John Little (Part II) – The End Times Epicenter Is Jerusalem

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