Noah, The Flood, Fallen Angels & The Nephilim


                                                      Written By Joanie Stahl

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The title “Sons of God” has not the same meaning in the Old Testament that it has in the New Testament. The New Testament it applies to those who have become the “Sons of God” by the new birth. John 1:12, Romans 8:14-16Galatians 4:6 and 1John 3:1-2. In the Old Testament it applies to the angels, and is used five times. Twice in Genesis. Genesis 6:2-4 and three times in Job. Job 1:6Job 2:1 and Job 38:7.

A “Son of God” denotes a being brought into existence by a creative act of God. Such were the angels, and the same with Adam. and he is so called in Luke 3:38. But Adam’s natural descendants are not the special creation of God. Adam was created in the “likeness of God” Genesis 5:1, but his descendants were born in “his likeness, and after his image.” Therefore all men born of Adam and his descendants by natural generation are the “sons of men,” and it is only by being “Born Again”John 3:35, which is a “New Creation,” that they can become the “Sons of God’ in the New Testament.

Now the “Sons of God” of Genesis 6:2, Genesis 6:4, could not be the “Sons of Seth,” as some claim, because the “Sons of Seth” were only men, and could only be called “Sons of Men,” not the “Sons of God.” This proves beyond any question that the “Sons of God of Genesis 6:2 and Genesis 6:4, were angels, and not godly descendants of Seth.

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