Laura Maxwell – Spiritualism, Spirit Guides & One World Order Exposed

Published on Feb 26, 2016

In this powerful A Minute to Midnite  interview with Scottish Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell, we learn the truth about the deceptions of spiritualism, The New Age & Mediums. She gives shocking revelations about the tie up between the demonic realm and The One World Order. Most mediums have no idea that they are being lied to by seducing spirits and demons, masquerading as benevolent spirit guides. Laura and her mother learned first hand the truth of the evil behind these supposedly “good” entities. Unfortunately the journey cost Laura’s mother her life. This has led Laura to speak out boldly in the hope that it will give guidance to help steer others away from the luciferian deceptions behind the New Age Spiritualism,  and also to give the keys to freedom from tormenting spirits that plague many who have dabbled in this arena.

Laura Maxwell – Spiritualism, Spirit Guides & One World Order Exposed


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