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Old Skills for Modern Times – Axes, Saw, Knife, Fire Steel, and a Billy

A short video. Choosing and using some useful tools for survival and prepping as well as for general home use.  

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Emergency Cooking Or Boil Water – Thermette – Kelly Kettle & Hobo Stove

For disaster preparedness or on a camping trip, here are three options to boil water quickly using a small and well  contained fire. Whether it is to boil water for a cup of coffee, or to prepare a freeze dried … Continue reading

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Having a Preparedness Plan

                                          By Matt S June 14th 2016. With all the work on “Bug Out” bags and “Bible Preparedness” another area … Continue reading

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The “Bug Out” Bag or “Grab” Bag

The “Bug Out” Bag or “Grab” Bag.                                                           Matt S June 14th 2016. … Continue reading

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A Minute To Midnite – Episode-03 – How To Survive The Economic collapse

Published on Jul 8, 2015 In This July 9th Edition of the “A Minute To Midnite” Show, Chris and Tony discuss news out of Greece and Russia and also the current silver squeeze, before laying out ten scenarios you are … Continue reading

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