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The Mandela Effect – Deception Or Distraction Part III

                                            By Tony K (June 2017) EXCERPT FROM THE ARTICLE The believers in the Mandela Effect who are claiming … Continue reading

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114- David A Rivera – Can We Trust The Bible Or Is It Being Deliberately Changed By The NWO?

Episode 114 sees David Allen Rivera join Tony for a very interesting discussion about the Bible. Why do we have so many versions of the Bible on offer today? Is there a plot to water down the Word of God … Continue reading

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The Mandela Effect Exposed – Deception or Distraction Part II

By Joanie Stahl Addition by Tony K. ( June 2016) This Mandela Effect is nothing but a big lie promoted by the paranormal and occult communities.  How obvious it is to those of us who have been in the word … Continue reading

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The Mandela Effect – Deception or Distraction?

By: Joanie Stahl (June 2016) There has been a lot of talk recently about CERN and the Mandela Effect on the written Word of God (“logos”). It is suspected that we live in a multi-universe, and that CERN is destroying … Continue reading

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