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    Would You Evangelize Sasquatch?

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    Michele Michael

    Heavens, no! I believe that Sasquatch are something close to equal to or very similar to Nephilim. Too many of their qualities match up with them. The “Cutting Edge” channel on YouTube has had Scott Carpenter on quite a few times talking about Sasquatch. He has a lot of interesting information. The most recent show with Carpenter was just a couple of days ago. I don’t know if it is against the rules to post a link so will tell you the title of the most recent video instead: “CuttingEdge Special: Sasquatch Deceptions.” He has reported that people who seek them out, etc. end up with BIG problems!

    Some people end up getting lured and enchanted by them.

    Even so, Scott Carpenter believes it may be possible that a very small minority of them COULD be redeemable. (A very few have done really helpful and good deeds, but as he says, you would be playing with fire to evangelize even a “good” one. Apparently 99% of them are kind of like “born satanists,” so I would say that one should never communicate with any of them at all unless one had gotten specific instruction to do so from the Holy Spirit and you are SURE it was the Holy Spirit!

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