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    Desiree Munn

    So, I always hesitate to ask for prayers because you never know if people truly plead to the Father on your behalf. I guess you can say I’m wary and cynical when people say that they will pray for you. However, Scripture tells us that Jesus hears the prayers of the righteous. AMTM is the biggest group of true believers I have ever known. You all know what’s going on, know what time it is, and truly understand the attacks coming against Believers by Satan’s Fallen army. So, that being said, my family is in need of prayer right now.

    We are struggling financially. I know that the worldwide economic collapse is up to happen soon. But, in my household it has already hit. We don’t feel comfortable asking for money from anyone. So, I am asking for prayer. Please pray that 1: God leads my husband to a better job position, 2: that I am able to bring in more income with my job, 3: that our financial needs will be met miraculously this month, and 4: that God will keep Satan away from our finances so that we can finally receive the blessings that I believe God wants to give His children (all of us, not just my family).

    God has never let us down. I know that He will provide someway somehow. It is very frustrating and I often have to fight and rebuke the spirit of hopelessness. It will only get worse when the collapse comes – with everyone struggling, not just the already poor. I believe that the only way we can fight poverty and fight the Enemy’s arrows is through prayer. So, plead on my behalf to the Father in Jesus’ name and plead the case of everyone here on AMTM. May we overcome, with the help of the Spirit….may we overcome.



    Prayed for your family – and every one else here 🙂


    Tony Koretz

    Thanks for sharing this Desiree. Yes I can also agree in prayer for you for this.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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