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    Tony Koretz

    Survival Solutions  – Water Storage and Purification
    When a major disaster or crisis occurs,  one of the first things to be disrupted is often the ready access to clean running water.

    Water Storage & Purification

    Survivalist Water Filter – Make A Bucket Sand & Charcoal Bio filter

    How to make an effective charcoal and sand water filter using two buckets. Great for purifying even the dirtiest water. Relatively easy to make with the step by step instructions given in this video. In a survivalist situation having clean water can’t be taken for granted. One of these will ensure you have the ability to make rain water, stream water or even puddle water safe, Note if you use dirty water PLEASE boil it after passing it through this filter!

    Water Filter – Black Berkey Home Made – Simple Build

    A video demonstrating the simple steps used in building a home made water filter using Black Berkey purification elements. It’s a very effective water purifier made at a much lower cost than the commercial products.

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