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    Christy Cooper

    In my research a few years back, I came across this remedy and have made some in case of emergency as it keeps forever and it’s good to have on hand. I added 1/4 cup of local raw honey to mine to cut down on the heat, help the flavor a bit and also natural raw honey is a natural preservative. I used raw apple cider vinegar because raw apple cider vinegar is stronger and a natural anti biotic in itself. I make my own apple cider vinegar which is easy to make but it can be purchased at the store. Tho this recipe says to let it ferment for 2 weeks, I recommend letting it ferment for 4 weeks before you strain it. Make sure you shake the jar several times a day. I’m attaching two very similar links with recipes, instructions and the dose that should be taken. They say the first recipe was used to cure the Black Plague. Of course, I don’t know if it will cure the Black Plague but if something were to happen where no anti biotic a were available , having a backup remedy to try certainly couldn’t hurt. In my personal experience with other natural remedies that I have tried, they have worked for me. I’ve been able to get off of all of my prescription medication through the use of holistic remedies. This one I have not tried even though I do currently have some made up and ready in case it’s needed. The most powerful natural anti bioticFire cider recipe


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    Thanks for that Christy, just wondering if you would be okay to post how you make your own apple cider vinegar at some stage, that would be great to know how to do that also.

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