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    Kara Pickering

    Thanks Sarah, for sharing your story with Mike from OPP. Blessings Sis.

    Louise Brislane

    Like King David said when his son died, he can’t come back to me, but one day I will see him again when I go to him. I am the same, as it is 46 years since I lost my first born son but what kept me going & keeps me going is that one day I will join him. I know that he is waiting for me, so I have more concern for my two living children who are Christians but not walking righteously. It actually takes five years to walk through grief of any type but many of us take our grief with us on life’s journey instead of giving it to the Lord. This can be through bad teaching from our church background as so many have conflicting ideas but over the years the Lord has brought me the peace that I will see him again & so I have this hope within me, as Paul says, ‘for who hopes for what he sees’. Romans 8:24 – 25. She has a great testimony of hope! Listening to her berating herself for her earlier abortion brought back the memories of blaming myself for what happened & now realise that it was satan. She is one lucky lady as she has family & friends to walk the journey with her. I was on my own, everyone shunned me as they didn’t know how to handle the situation. It drove my husband & myself apart as he couldn’t handle his grief & wasn’t willing to comfort me. I was told to get on with life & never to mention my son as it was a forbidden subject by my husband. It was many years before he would even take me to see his grave & make sure everything was okay. I also wasn’t allowed to have a picture of him on the shelf. When my husband left me 16 years later, the first thing I did was frame a picture & put it up on the shelf so everyone could see Rodney & so acknowledge his existence & it was then that I was finally able come to terms with my loss.


    My heart hurts for the struggles you went through. We know a couple whose son would be our age and they lost him tragically as well. The church they went to did the same thing you described. To this day they still struggle greatly. I am so thankful to the Lord for you being able to begin the healing process.
    It has been a real struggle with my husband and I. He and I are in two different camps right now and after I told him about sharing my testimony the attacks began to happen from the enemy through him. It has been a rough week, but….. I am thankful even in this tribulation with my husband. I am on my knees daily for him our marriage and our other kids. The enemy has wanted to kill, steal and destroy our marriage from the beginning and I will NOT allow this to happen.
    So I press into Christ even more.


    Thanks Kara for posting this! I hope others can gain encouragement!


    “Well done” (not really the right words but I can’t think of how to start!) for sharing your story, Sarah. So sorry to hear about your temporary separation from little Aly. She didn’t have to wait long at all to stop wondering about what meeting Jesus would be like, and with this life flying by, it won’t really be so long for you to see her again – and Jesus!!!

    I’ve not been in this situation, but it’s sad when others (Tom and Louise’s husbands) can’t see that everyone grieves in their own way. For Tom, he has his reasons for not wanting to share, but it’s the right time for you, as you said. Maybe Tom holds more guilt or something, that he couldn’t get her free, but you both did all he could, and God allowed her to go safely home. I hope there is healing and much strength soon between you and Tom.

    One question I have… which isn’t meant to cause upset… With the Noah being babysat and Noah crying and the babysitter seeing the appearance of Allison… do you think that was demonic as your later “visit”? Would the babysitter have discerned that? Noah was upset, so I was just wondering. For me, I don’t have good thoughts about ghosts… For Aly, to be absent from the body she would have been present with the Lord. Anyway, we know where she is now.

    Louise (and Sarah too!) My eldest sister died (a number of years older than me, in her 50s). She had been out of touch with my mum and the family for years and away from God. My mum felt to go and pray around the area she used to live and the next day she turned up on the doorstep. However, she said it wasn’t good news – she had cancer. She started going back to church and believed she was going to be healed and be used by God. One night in the hospital, she said that she had a dream of Jesus and he told her that she must forgive my mum (for whatever issues there were between them). This she did, but she died some time later. I always told my mum that… she’s home now! Nothing can take her away from there. If she’d lived, who knows if she’d have gone back into the world and never come back. Only God knows.

    So, Louise, don’t worry about your children – leave them in God’s hands. I sometimes think about the words the woman spoke to King David about bringing Absalom home (2 Sam 14:14) “But God … devises means so that the banished one will not remain an outcast.” Even if your children are away from the Lord, God has plans to give them opportunity to return. Even with my mum – she told me that her dad (who died when she was 13) told her God had shown him that she would go through years of being in like a pit of snakes but would later return to God – and that’s what happened. She went away from God, but came back.

    Sorry for making this so long (I can talk a lot!) but I did a weird thing the other day! I was looking for some recycling bag things on Amazon and I was reading the reviews on some, and I thought to click on one reviewers name and look at what else they had reviewed! So I clicked and scanned through and thought there wasn’t much that interested me, but then I saw a book which I’ve now bought and read some of it and it’s really good!

    It’s by an Irish Christian woman, Catherine Campbell, who also had great loss in her life. Rainbows for Rainy Days: 40 Devotional Readings That Reveal God’s Promises

    She also has a website where she has three short podcasts, lasting in total 40 minutes – and I thought they would be a blessing to you both (as they were to me), and maybe Tom too! Scroll down this page to a green section “My Story” :

    God bless ya. Very hard to understand why God directs our path in certain ways and why things happen – but right now we see as through a glass darkly. But one day, we will know, and see face to face. (1 Corinthians 13:12)


    Hi Greg,
    No offense in asking me the first question. I have realized after getting several other cooments of YouTube that I didn’t explain what happened very clearly. At that time of the appearance of Aly to my good friend and babysitter of Noah, Alyson wasn’t dead yet. She was still in the hospital on life support.and I also didn’t make t clear that We don’t believe Noah was crying because of something evil, but because she woke him up. So it was not a visit from a “ghost” or disembodied spirit.
    There were several other people that came to me some time later and aaid that while we were in the hospital they saw Aly. She would smile and laugh at them. One friend has a very autistic son that could not speak well. He only had a couple words and even then they were extremely unclear. One of the evenings they heard their little boy in the middle of the night on the baby monitor saying, Aly, Aly, Aly Over and over again. He then said By Aly one last time and fell back asleep….I don’t claim to understand exactly what was going on. Because I knew that friend but we never hung out with our children. Aly and her son didn’t even know each other. The same happened for a coworker of mine. They were at the Oregon coast while we were in the hospital and made a special visit to Multnomah Falls. And while they were there they heard little
    Girl giggles and laughing. Not evil like but very happy and joyful. There were no other families around.
    What is very interesting about that specific place is this. My husband and I took a trip while we were pregnant with Alyson to Multnomah Falls and then to the Oregon coast. No one knew that.
    Then while they were on the coast they saw a little girl running in front of them playing on the beach at first they thought it was a family near by, but when they got close they didn’t see anyone else. The little girl was playing and giggling again. She turned around and my coworker and his wife said it was Alyson. She smiled at them and then ran off and diaaapeared. Like I said I have no clue why these particular people saw her and what exactly was going on. All I know is that during these times was when we were in the hospital with her.

    Also thanks for the book reference I will check it out!
    God Bless you fellow brother in a Christ! Your words are encouraging

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