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    Mark Jerde

    In addition to the usual 10 Commandments, I almost feel like there should be an 11th:

    “Thou shalt not publish My Word

    31 Starting new paragraphs

    32 On each verse! For it

    33 Greatly interferes with

    34 Understanding of My

    35 Word.”

    Attached is a PDF of the book of Romans KJV in what I think is a very readable format. It’s 8.5 x 11 inches. Is that an issue? Oh, I’ll just attach the iMac Pages file too. Make whatever changes you want. Forgive me for not cleaning up the styles. 😉

    If any of you own a TS2009 you could probably convince me to email you a copy of Romans similarly formatted in that version. Because it is copyrighted I don’t want to post it out in the clear.

    I recommend booklets over loose leaf:
    New! Improved! Romans Letter KJV Letter

    I hope this blesses someone besides me. 🙂


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    Senior Moderator

    Hi Mark, My son purchased this a couple of months ago and says that he enjoys reading this version more than the versed version, as it improves his understanding (better flow). I myself do not have an opinion on this or worry about verse insertion, (each to his own I suppose). But I guess the original text did not have verse insertion and some will find this easier to read that way. Thanks for posting this.

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