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    Tony Koretz

    Steve Braunias: Why I’m preparing for the end of the world

    All over New Zealand, likeminded survivalists were engaged on the same kind of mission. Prep NZ, a lively, mostly good-natured online board devoted to the subject of preparing for end days, featured comments from members who told of their New Year’s preparations. “I learned Morse code.” And: “Did some firearms training with my Crossman pistol in the back yard to teach my 10yr old son.” Also: “The Warehouse has 20L plastic water containers, buy 1, get 1 half-price. So bought 10. Got some very strange looks from the sheeple wandering around with their coke, junk food and xbox games.”
    Cheer up, it might never happen. Doomsday has been on the cards since Nostradamus was in short pants. We’ve always lived in an age of anxiety but there’s a growing sense that things are spiralling out of control and that some kind of epic disaster – military, financial, the ground and the ocean gone berserk – is imminent.

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