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    For you gardeners out there, this is an awesome 26 min audio program from “Off The Grid Radio” that gives great tips for starting off your seedlings, there is a good deal more to it than just putting some seeds in the soil!! I learned a lot from this audio program as I made plenty of mistakes this year ☺.

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    I love watching for the little sprouts to pop up ❤️❤️❤️.

    Louise Brislane

    I bought a feijoa in Woolies last year to try as they had dropped the price. An interesting fruit. It has the tiniest of seeds in it. The second feijoa was over ripe & tasted awful so instead of throwing it out, I decided to go on line & find out a little more about them. I discovered a gardener in New Zealand who grows them & he explained how easy they were to grow from seed. He scraped the very tiny seed onto a paper towel to dry out for a couple of days, then spread out the dried out seeds on the paper towel & placed it into a plastic zip lock bag. Then he dampened the paper towel & closed up the baggie & sat it in a warm spot in the kitchen. So I copied what he did, some 3 weeks later I discovered that I had tiny sprouted seedlings on my paper towel which was partly a surprise as I wasn’t sure if the black was really seed but went ahead anyway. Then a few days later I transplanted the tiny seedlings carefully into a small seedling tray in potting mix, sat them on a sunny spot on my bench & kept them watered & they grew. After about a month they were big enough to transplant into small separate pots which I did. I nurtured them for another month or two & then passed most of them onto my brother with the suggestion that he might like a hedge of feijoas. I kept two to put into my large long pots that form the barrier between me & the drive. I have 5 of them formed into an L shape & plan to put my bulbs & other shrubs into them with the two feijoas to give me some privacy from the drive & some fruit to eat, all going well. I am going to try this idea with other seeds as well to see if it works as it is so simple & clean & you can see the seeds & know if they are all going to grow or not. My towel was doubled over but I was still able to peek in at the end to see the new growth. It was an exciting moment actually!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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