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    I love this episode because I feel encouraged regarding my efforts to do something similar to what Lynette is doing, but on a smaller scale. I will be learning about aquaponics this weekend and hopefully be setting up the system soon. The biggest thing I’m lacking is that “better than a husband” person to manage my projects! Please pray that I find that person, because like Lynette, I’m doing this to help sustain as many as possible during the coming financial collapse. 🙂

    Tony Koretz

    That was cool. I like Lynette. I had no idea she was into all that gardening and prepping stuff. I knew she is knowledgeable on gold and silver etc and trading, but this was really interesting too!

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    I like Lynette, too! I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed regarding my property development, but seeing what Lynette is doing actually put the wind back in my sails! I want to make a food forest! I have a good start since I already have lots of wild persimmon trees, algerita berry bushes and Mustang grape vines on my property. I recently added plum, pear, fig, olive, lemon and pomegranate trees as well as some Fuji berry bushes and black berry vines. I like her idea of growing medicinal plants, too. I had started doing that a couple of weeks ago by planting lots of strawberries, garlic and onions, but I definitely need to add on to that list.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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