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    Tony Koretz

    My comment: This is a really interesting article and well worth the read. In my opinion it shoots down the Catholic doctrine of their belief that Mary remained a virgin after Jesus and that he never had any siblings. It seems to me to prove that James was jesus brother, and of course it archaeologically proves the existence of both of them from the first century!

    Ossuary of James the Just: The First Archaeological Evidence of the Existence of Jesus of Nazareth?

    The Ossuary of James was the archaeological find that triggered the most sensational cover up of the 21st century.
    From the first charges of forgery in 2002 to the absolute silence of the media at the end of the trial in 2013 attesting its authenticity, the modern story of the first archaeological evidence of the existence of the master of Nazareth and his flesh brothers, as taught in the gospels. Why so much opposition from the main religions and the highest Israeli academic institutions and Government?
    A Complicated Puzzle
    To recompose this intricate affair, important and delicate as it constitutes the earliest epigraphic attestation of Jesus of Nazareth , it is necessary to take a step back to the year of the discovery of the Ossuary of James: in 2002 Oded Golan, known collector and expert in Israeli antiquities, contacted professor André Lemaire , the greatest Semitic epigraphist in the world, based at Sorbonne University, Paris, to show him a series of valuable pieces and in particular to get some expert advice on a small ossuary dating back approximately to the first century, which he had purchased many years earlier.

    Lemaire, was quite impressed noticing the inscription on the ossuary: “Yaakov bar Yoseph achui de Yeshua” or: “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”. According to philologists, scholars of ancient Hebrew and archaeologists who studied the ossuary, it actually dates back to the first century. For the inscription there was some doubt only about the last part, brother of Jesus.

    Camille Fuchs, professor of statistics at Tel Aviv University, and other researchers who joined the investigation, estimated a very strong possibility of identification based upon the fact that while the mention of the father is common on these kind of ossuaries, the mention of the dead’s name, the patronym, or the name of the brother all together is extremely rare in literary tradition, appearing only in one of the recorded epigraphs, Rahmani 570.
    This meant that there was a very high probability that the three cited characters were the ones mentioned in the Gospels. Simply speaking, it was the first archaeological and not simply textual proof of the existence of Jesus of Nazareth , an extraordinary discovery, the only one of its kind ever to emerge in the world of biblical archaeology.

    READ MORE https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-other-artifacts/ossuary-james-0012181

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    That is fascinating Tony

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