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      Ken Peters gave the following presentation at the Prophecy Club: “I Saw the Great Tribulation”. Pretty self-explanatory. He received the vision back in 1980 when he was unsaved and knew nothing about the end-times; the presentation was given at the Prophecy Club in 2000, which then was published on DVD in 2005:

      It´s worth watching as far as I am concerned. If you don´t have two hours you can watch a 40 minutes compilation some guy from Hongkong uploaded who is also checking out and highlighting which parts of the vision from 1980 already seem to be fulfilled or are in full swing:

      Ken Peters is still alive although he´s not making any noise about his role as a prophet, he´s quietly pastoring some little congregation as fa r as I know. Which may actually be not the worst sign when it comes to prophets. But then in 2016 he shared another word he received:

      Someone in the comment section provided a neat transcript of the word given:

      You have heard My Word many times, you have heard My scriptures speak to your heart, and yet you have heard this one over and over. But I say to you today: it shall be alive in your hearing: FOR I THE LORD will send you help from the sanctuary. Yes, I say I WILL SEND YOU HELP from the sanctuary, from the Holy Place of My habitation. I have sent out international angels – heavenly hosts that will make you strong again. For My church, My people have been in a severe testing and trials. For I have been preparing them for eternal things to come, and many would say, “LORD, WHY? WHY? WHY?” But I am saying that I am preparing you for an eternal weight of glory.

      So that when you put on the robe of righteousness and stand before My Son you will know that TRULY you have done well. That you will not think that you got in “by the skin of your teeth,” but you will know that you served the King well. You know that you overcame, for did not My Son say seven times in the great Revelation to John that THOSE WHO OVERCOME, THOSE WHO OVERCOME, THOSE WHO OVERCOME, THOSE WHO OVERCOME, THOSE WHO OVERCOME, THOSE WHO OVERCOME, THOSE WHO OVERCOME, shall they not rule and reign with Me? Is this not your destiny? Is this not what every one of you are called to be and to do?

      So I am telling you today that help from the sanctuary is being sent to you right now. That the journey will get easier, and that the battle, though it may rage upon this earth, that you will be strong and glorious. That you will be filled with might. That you will be filled with great faith. For truly My Spirit has chosen each and every one of you to be overcomers. But this is not automatic. This is not something that “just happens” – this is something that is the outpouring of your continual fight. And did not Paul say to you: fight the good fight of faith? I am strengthening your arms today, I am strengthening your feeble knees, for some of you today, those sins that have easily beset you are being removed. They are being pushed away, for I THE LORD GOD have chosen you as a special people.

      I have chosen you as a treasured people, but more than that: I have chosen you to be a FEARED people. And the fear of MY NAME shall fall upon My church again, and this earth and its inhabitants will KNOW that I have arose up mightily among Mine own. O gather, O Jubilee, BE STRONG IN THIS HOUR! Do not shrink back from the trials, but face-off with the adversary, KNOWING that I, THE LORD, am raising your arms like Moses when Er and Aaron lifted up his arms. Today, my angelic hosts are lifting up your arms. They are beginning to do things that you cannot do on your own. They are beginning to bring reconciliation and restoration. You will see a sweeping across America in the next three years. You will see staggering, staggering issues challenging lives. You will see great devastation upon your land (and many foreign lands)!

      For THE WRATH OF GOD is beginning in the earth AGAINST the unjust, against those who refuse My Good News. But My people: you are in a safe place. You are in a very safe place WITH ME. You must not fear the upheaval of nations. You must not fear the moving of nations into the Middle East. You must not fear what is going to happen upon Israel. You must not fear what will happen to America. FOR IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS: I THE LORD RULE. I rule in the midst of downturns, I rule in the midst of trials, for My people are special and you must understand that I have chose you above others, – that when you responded to My Son’s atonement, that I made a special compact with you, a COVENANT that cannot be broken.

      This is not your hour of defeat, but this is your hour to rise up and be strong, – like a great ship mast in the midst of a terrible storm, shall you be unwavered and unmoving, and I will pilot each and every one of you as you surrender to the working of My Spirit. As you decree today, do you not believe that I have all these things for you? But you must be an obedient people TO ME. You must not give place to lip service. The things that I say in My Word: you must do in this hour. Never forget My Throne of Grace. Even in your rebellion My Throne of Grace will give you mercy and will empower you to become those of a glorious nature. THE LORD SAYS, STOP BEING DISTRACTED. I want distractions to be put away from each of you. For some of you it is the amount of time you spend in things that are not eternal. Look at your lives, children, today. My Father is preparing great crowns of rewards, and very, very soon: I will be your soon coming King.

      But for some of My people, the Day will catch them unaware. They will not be prepared. They will be like a man that goes on a journey without food, without clothing, and came into a storm and suffered great loss. You must hear me, My children, for My Spirit beckons each of you now: this is not a time any longer to give Me 50%. You must give me 100, for you are CALLED TO BE OVERCOMERS. You have been destined by My Father to sit with Me (to sit with the 24 elders) and make great decisions and heavenly strategies in the new earth and Heaven to come.

      Do you not see that you are called to things beyond the limitations of this earth? Come on, My people, you must see into a new dimension, you must look beyond your problems and trials, and the LORD SAYS you must no longer be complainers like Israel, for the LORD SAYS this world will devour the complainers, but those who are clothed with the fire of My Spirit: they cannot be consumed, they cannot be moved or shaken. Soon you will begin to understand THE VERY POWER OF YOUR WORSHIP, and how it shatters spiritual realms and breaks principalities’ backs, for great darkness has been sent upon your land, for those in high civil authority have given this nation over to the ways of darkness. BUT I, THE LORD, WILL REDEEM MY people.

      I did not come to redeem governments. I did not come to exalt nations. I came to Covenant with the people who are called out. SO BE YE THE CALLED OUT ONES! says THE LORD and make a fresh covenant with Me today. Rend your hearts before Me, regardless of how well you know Me, or how long you have walked with Me or how deep you have gone with Me, or how you have served Me. This is a holy day, A HOLY DAY among you, that you will never forget as time progresses. As time begins to come faster and faster, you will look back on this day. …

      … You will say that was the day of holy convocation – the day THE LORD set me aside and chose me for a special work. REND YOUR HEARTS, says the spirit of Grace and supplication. The LORD says you have called times of prayer here [at the church at which Ken Peters is speaking]. They must be adhered to by more and more. Some of you are ignoring the spirit of Grace and you find excuses and alibis with which to avoid spiritual depth. A great tide is coming, like a tidal wave, that pulls people out to the sea. Some of My people will be pulled out to the sea and never return to the depth of their first love. Do not ignore the beckoning of My Spirit this day. This land is being weighed in the balances. There must be great prayer. Prophets have come to you and spoken that your prayers will dictate the next three years.

      It is time you become a serious people, for Satan has desired to send scorpions and demonic beings to bite the people of God, to get them to doubt my goodness through a lack – of separation. This is a Day of Separation, says THE LORD. I called you to be a sanctified people: Come out! Come out from this world and be separate. Set aside these things that trip you up and do the things that make your Lord a Lord of Pleasure for you. A Master who smiles when He looks upon you when you work. No. Your work shall never, ever obtain your Salvation. But your earthly works will determine the pleasure of the King and where you are in the midst of His presence.

      For some of you the Spirit of Grace is saying, “Kneel.” Others, it is saying to your hearts, “Lift your hands high and pledge your allegiance to the Lamb of God. Pledge your allegiance to the Kingdom that comes.” The LORD SAYS, In three years you will see the upheaval of all nations. [Ken Peters interjects here, “I am either the biggest false prophet that ever lived or I am the stupidest prophet to ever say that: the upheaval of all nations – all nations – in three years. If you study end time Bible prophecies, you know exactly what that is pointing to. It has to be the return of Christ.”] In three years you will see the upheaval of all nations and you will see that even national names will be gone forever.

      [Ken speaks, again not reading from his written prophecy, saying, “They are about to wipe the name Syria off the face of the earth. Do you know that Assyria is one of the original nations of the world? It’s about to disappear. Iraq is about to disappear – the land of Shinar.] Some of you act as though these things can never happen in this modern era. But if you look back, many times throughout the history of man nations have lost their names and their influence. And these things are happening now, SAYS THE LORD. And you must be ready. And you must remember what Paul said to you, that having done all to stand, you must stand with your loins girded with Truth.

      Do not let deception come. Do not buy into lies. Remember what My Son said before He departed this earth to sit at the right hand of My Glory. He said, “Beware. And let no man deceive you.” Guard your hearts, My children. Do well, and cause your Father to release a great smile of His pleasure upon you. Go before Him this day, without leaders, without worshipers, and tell Him – these are my areas, these are my things, these are my fears, these are my failures. And He will raise you up – for in your humility you shall be exalted. For in the end of times you will see the pride of man like never before. You will see the obstinence of men’s hearts contending for that which is bound for Gehenna. But for My people, as Isaiah prophesied, Arise and shine, for your Light has come and the Glory of the LORD will rise upon you.

      On a personal note
      Perhaps it´s just me, but this specific statement is very profound and true:
      “You have been destined by My Father to sit with Me (to sit with the 24 elders) and make great decisions and heavenly strategies in the new earth and Heaven to come.”
      I´d like to take it for its own and talk about it (so my thoughts are not specifically related to Ken Peters or the rest of what he said).

      1) This scenario can be linked to the Divine Council view as described by Dr. Michael Heiser. It´s frankly kind of silly that some Christians believe all we gonna do in the next life is playing harps and singing along. We have a creation to govern and this includes decision-making and strategies. In the ancient world we see a certain type of royal government consisting not only of the monarch himself but of his household, his blood relatives and children joining in the power and actually doing the administration and every-day-business of the empire. That´s us, folks. That´s what is waiting for us on the other side of the Great Tribulation.

      2) Well, at least that´s us when it comes to the human part of the household. There are also the high-ranking non-human princes who´ll likely take care of certain parts of the multiverse. We kind of use the term Angel (messenger) as if it fits every spirits, but in this case I´m not talking little mailmen-spirits but incredible mighty and majestic entities. It´s noteworthy that the ancient Near East in parts apparantly had the concept of 24 super-beings, the so-called judges of the universe, who were even above the stars and the standard little-g gods. From what the Bible tells us in Revelation it looks like these specific entities never betrayed their creator, the most High God, but stayed loyal and will lay down their crowns at the feet of Jesus. Basically they might be our future co-workers with some special tasks in the spirit realm. In the original cultural context of Scripture this makes far more sense than the modern view, that the 24 elders were just some special church elders or great pastors.

      3) Me personally, I have always been a political person in the classic sense, I was always more concerned with the future well-being of my people or with finding and serving what you call the greater good for society, than I was concerned with my own personal prosperity.

      The thing is, every political man must ultimatly realize that there´s something wrong and rotten in the current earth and mankind and therefore all political utopias will crash and burn again and again due to hostile supernatural influences you don´t really grasp and comprehend. As a man of the πόλις (Polis), the realization that neither you nor any party and ideology can fix this usually brings you into the deepest existential desparation, you despair of this world´s condition and the lack of hope.

      This contemporary world is fundamentally broken. No wonder all the pagan religions were revolving around a primordial chaos that brought forth competing teams of gods fighting for their shares of the roaring unsteady sea. The name of the primordial Babylonian sea goddess Tiamat who is rather impersonal and married to Abzu, literally the abyss, is related to Hebrew tehom, the Great Deep.

      It´s fascinating that great parts of Scripture were written as polemics directly against these false religions. The Bible tells us that in the beginning there was the order of our great and personal God and His creation was good, until the Fallen Ones plunged everything into chaos and the world became tohuwabohu. The elements of both creation accounts, the Biblical one and the mesopotamian one, are identical but they lead listeners into opposite directions.

      We say, God will bring an end to the chaos, He will slay Leviathan, the allegorical representation of the chaotic sea known under different names in the ancient world (I think it´s weird that so many modern Christians think this to be a dinosaur, and it´s even weirder that some modern Christians take the statement from Revelation 21 that the sea will be no more, as an indication that the new Earth won´t have water oceans – it´s pretty clear that the actual theme here is the ending of the disruptive and dissonant chaos of this age by divine intervention).

      And this is why I personally love Jesus Christ because He will be the one delivering the death blow to the chaos serpent. He will calm the waters, He will bring a whole new day of creation, He will lead us to a new Earth.

      He is the only one worthy of universal worship and praise (or should I say multiversial? Or omniversial?), not only because He came to save the souls of men, but because in the process He will eradicate the Fallen Ones and thereby will fix everything for every other kind of creature too, and together with Him we all will develop a new polis of the saints for eternity. If I can give Him another title from the depth of my heart, I´d hail him as the the Guarantor of the ultimate Cosmos.


        I had not heard Ken’s more recent 2016 prophecy. …But if that does not stir ones heart, bring great sighs of the spirit and tears to the eyes…..well, may God have mercy on us all. Truly this rings true and bears witness deep within our guts. I could find nothing Ken said that I did not believe and thus found great encouragement to hold the line,..stand firm,..stay the course,…bow in confession and humility and seek forgiveness, mercy and strength to rise up and fight the good fight of faith another day. striving always to finish the race before me and hope to hear at the last call,…”well done, enter into my rest”. Thanks for sharing the post.

        Kara Pickering

          Hi Moritz,

          Usure at what point he went wayward, as I believe the testimony of his dream he gave to the Prophecy Club was accurate.

          I believe this is his current church. He is (openly) of the NAR movement.



          Tony Koretz

            It’s an interesting one this. I always thought Ken Peters original dream was really amazing and rang true. I hadn’t really heard anything much about hi in recent times. Kara sent me a link to his website before I came here and actually saw this post.When I read the description of his goals and ministry, like Kara I sensed some oh-oh, oh no warnings there. Yet when i came here and read this 2016 prophecy something in it resonates with me. I noticed that it’s not displaying any 7 mountains theology ( that I noticed). But he HAS gotten specific on some things like the “3 years” and the removal of some nations. Well I guess that puts it some time before the end of 2019. My advice would be to carefully weigh up what he said in that prophetic word- and don’t necessarily treat it lightly, but also don’t hold it too tightly. If he has gone the way of the NAR then he is likely to be moving in error ( at least to some degree). But there is much that seems good in his word also.

            Moritz- your commentary on these things was really interesting. Thanks for sharing all of this!

            A Minute to Midnite Administration
            A Minute To Midnite Show Host


              Hey @Toni and @Kara,

              you´re definetly right in checking out the specifics of the church he´s (seemingly/apperenatly) affiliated with, and yes, this NAR-stuff is unfortunatly popular and widespread in America like fine memetic dust. I presume even a lot of good people inhale and pick up troublesome elements and it may be the case when it comes to Ken Peters.

              It´s a dilemma, and not exactly a new dilemma: How do you value input from Christians who are affiliated with denominations or movements or concepts you don´t trust (Charismatics, Hebrew Roots, whatever). If their religious environment is rather bad, how much does it affect them even if they´re receiving something genuine. It´s possibly rubbing off on their interpretation or reception capability somehow, that´s true. But how would you quantify the likeliness of someone moving in error due to his associates? So I often try to discern prophetic claims on a case by case or person by person basis. For example I say a lot of friendly and positive things about Henry Gruver too, but please don´t assume I´m just fine with everyone and everything near to him.

              In this case I think it´s important, as Tony noted: Nothing in Ken´s old vision and this recent one showed elements that were specific and exclusive to the NAR as far as I can see. And might I add, isn´t the Great Tribulation with the reign of the Antichrist as he saw it the exact opposite of what Dominionists usually preach, like ‘We take over the 7 mountains and make the world Christian’?

              While for me there was something about both these visions/words that rang true and resonated with me, if in doubt it´s reasonable to do as Tony does: “don’t necessarily treat it lightly, but also don’t hold it too tightly”. No offense: I sometimes do this to prophetic words and dreams shared by AMTM’s Joanie Stahl too when I´m not entirely sure about a certain aspect or detail. It think AMTM-listeners are mature enough to not blindly follow any prophecy or interpretation of any man or woman. So we should be able to handle and discuss prophecies that are “interesting cases” as Tony puts it.

              At last: I raise an eyebrow whenever a word mentions a time frame, like Tony did, and I did so in this case as well. It said “upheavel of all nations”. Well, what exactly does that mean? Would “global turmoil” be a possible synonym? How big has a global crisis to be that it counts as “global turmoil”? Civil unrest in America? No more cheese in Switzerland? Do you remember Joanie´s “Right before Obama leaves the office, he will be caught red handed by the entire world. He will be exposed to the entire world.”? Did this happen? Well, quite frankly, it did not happen in a way I would have recognized as “being exposed to the entire world”. Just sayin’.


                I have only listened in the car to the audio from the 2000 presentation. What I got from it was that God will be there when we need Him most – as the Bible says (e.g. Matthew 10:19). That was when he was talking about he and his wife being beheaded.

                I also agreed with him about how the Bible says that we will go through the tribulation. I have gone from pre-trib to … for those believers who are still alive but protected… the end, post God’s wrath (e.g. Noah / Isaiah 26:20-21).

                I didn’t get what he was saying about cheques, though I may have heard wrongly. Surely it already has your account number / name etc printed on it, so they know already what you’re spending money on?! And he also gave a timeframe of a couple of years for something and I don’t think that happened.

                I really listen to AMTM to hear the news about how we are in the last minute. Other things, like dreams/visions are interesting and I listen but I don’t really store those anywhere in memory. There are so many voices out there – whether it’s Ken Peters, Joanie Stahl, David Wilkerson etc. Look at Trunews – Rick Wiles was saying for so long about how he gets jittery about every autumn that something’s going to happen, and it doesn’t. And he says to get your money out of the bank. And he says to leave the country and not own property – and then proceeds to say how he’s buying a new headquarters for Trunews, then buys a church nearby. It’s crazy. People should ***NEVER*** do something based on a “prophecy” given by someone else. We all need to hear God’s voice individually. This is why I don’t devote much memory space to “prophecies”.

                Then you have Z3 and that site is everyone having a dream or a word – many of them conflicting. So (this is maybe not a real example, but an example of the complete opposites there are) one “prophecy” says they saw war coming before the end of the year and people commenting how they also “witness” to that and saw the same and heard God say the same, and then a couple of days later someone says how they saw peace and revival coming that year and people comment how they got that same thing in a dream. So not all these “prophecies” can be true. So I don’t put much weight on them.

                I think the important things are, that I myself can hear from God where *I* need to be / what to do. I think I’ve heard enough now of how the future may be and that, although not good, God is always in control and things will happen to bring about the end, as He has told in His Word.

                Angela Georgantas

                  I didn’t listen to the videos, but I read the description from 2016. It did resonate with me even though the date setting raised a flag. I guess we will find out if that one is accurate by next year. To be honest, the idea of global chaos via some sort of collapse by next year DOES seem feasible. My family has been prepping since 2012-2013 for that very thing, and it is hard to believe that it hasn’t happened yet.

                  Part of his 2016 word sounds a little like Byron Searle’s new word out today on Jeff Byerly’s Prophecy page:

                  Jeff Byerly’s page has become, for me, the new Z3 news. I used to go to Z3 every day, but there are WAY to many NAR-leaning prophecies there. I go to JB’s page now, but I pray before I read ANY prophecies that God will guide me in discernment and show me what I need to see or not pay attention to it if it isn’t from Him. I’ve got a list going of those I listen to, those I don’t, and those I’m still unsure about. There are FAR more that I ignore than click on these days. I do believe that Jeff Byerly himself, Byron Searle, and Jeanette have heard from God. I stay away from SO MANY others that I won’t name here. On YouTube, if you are looking for a true woman of God who hears from the throne room, Jackie, Daughter of the King is one, for sure. Joanie Stahl is another one, of course. I have received confirmation from God with virtually every Word either of these ladies has spoken in His name. With so much out there, it would be easy to just give up listening to prophecies at all, but the Bible warns against that.

                  As for Rick Wiles, I will second Greg’s warning about not listening to people who tell you what to do with your money, etc. I made the mistake of listening to Rick Wiles several years ago and made some damaging financial decisions then. I kick myself now, for sure. I still listened to him for a long time, but then he went off the rails, in my opinion. As soon as he threw his hat in with Mark Taylor and did not listen to correction, I quit listening to him.

                  Thanks for posting this in such a handy format!



                    Hi Greg, hi Angela,

                    since you both mentioned Z3-News, initially I checked this site on a daily basis but now I definetly stay away from it for a couple of reason:

                    1) nowadays there are a lot of “words” that are reeking of NAR-doctrines or -even worse- allegedly divine investment advices for digital currencies… what could possibly go wrong with that.
                    2) the whole site appears more and more like the internet-equivalent of a yellow-press-tabloid for prophecies, in the English-speaking world it might remind you of the British newspaper “The Sun”
                    3) the host of this site once stated verbatum that salvation is based on your works; that´s no good news, that´s another gospel. This contribution of his in the comment section was pretty much the last thing I read over there, then I had enough.
                    4) before the election of Trump there were some false prophecies promoted on the site that the election would be canceled or that Hillary would win. After the election in a lot of people were upset that neither these “prophets” nor the host acknowledged their shortcomings and the fact that the faith of readers (or the potential faith of the unbelieving people these readers shared the “prophecies” with in the hope of waking them up) were seriously hurt in the process. Instead both the false prophets as well as the host showed not the slightest bit of self-inspection but an incredible arrogance, and even attacked and slandered the critics (who were all polite and Biblical in their approach). That was the first eye-opener to me in late 2016 that something was very wrong.

                    So as far as I am concerned: with time and some testing Z3 showed it´s true colors and failed in a pretty spectacular way, I´d say the host and his inner entourage belong at least in parts into the category “being deceived and deceiving”. Sad.

                    With so much out there, it would be easy to just give up listening to prophecies at all, but the Bible warns against that.

                    @ Angela: That´s a very good (true + wise) quote!

                    I want to add that I believe Jeff Byerly is a sincere guy buuuut I couldn´t help but notice some things. Perhaps the most important example: In early 2016 he shared a prophecy and it was a “Thus saith the Lord”, Jesus allegedly told him to write down ‘America, you will now see your last Independence Day’. Straight forward. Later the one after that, the American Independence Day 2017 came and went. Then Jeff said Oops, my bad, I misheard Jesus, I think he rather said ‘America, you don´t know when your last Independece Day will be’ and went back to edit his orginal prophecy. Minor difference, right? Lesson learnt: Even in the best case possible, if Jeff really hears something from the Lord, you just cannot trust him to hear it correctly or write it down correctly. The worst case would be that there is at least sometimes another spirit claiming to be Jesus telling him stuff. That´s unfortunate. I don´t want to be mean but with incidents like this you kinda max out your prophetic credit card in my book.

                    Angela Georgantas

                      I hear you about Jeff Byerly, but “I misheard Jesus” is infinitely better than “We prayed it away.” There is a VERY well-known and beloved pastor-prophet out there who said we had “60 days until a national heart attack.” He pounded sermons for a couple of months, and when the time came and went, he said — you guessed it — people prayed it away. We get a reprieve. How long? Who knows. People still post his prophecies and sermons like crazy. By the way, he also said Hillary would win by default.

                      I also hear you about the whole National Enquirer aspect of JB’s site. It is rather habit-forming…to say the least. God has only given me 4 dreams and 1 flash-vision in my life. One dream I had actually addresses my tendency to search out prophecies.

                      Dream: I heard that Jesus was at this hotel. When I got there, he was in the bath tub, asleep with a crown on his head. I was so excited and bent to kiss his hand, and there was a ring on every finger. Just then, his handler told everyone to get out except a few very beautiful girls. He said that Jesus “needed to be taken care of.” I left the bathroom and went into the other room. I started thinking about it, and Matthew 24:26-27 came to me, ““Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it.For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” I believe this was a dream warning me not to be so crazy-hungry for the things of Jesus that I fail to compare things to scripture/test the spirit.

                      One more interesting note about this dream. A few months later, Taylor Swift put out a video in which she was in a bathtub with a ring on every finger. In this video, she was pretty obviously representative of the antichrist.

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