Kabbalah and the New Age Movement: Setting the Stage for Antichrist

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    Tony Koretz

    Kabbalah and the New Age Movement: Setting the Stage for Antichrist and the Deception of Israel


    For many years when I would write about Kabbalah, some Christians would feel very uncomfortable. They would say that it wasn’t right for me to talk about my own people in a negative way.

    I would tell them that being a writer of truth, I felt compelled to educate the church and the Jewish people about Kabbalah and how Israel is filled with Kabbalist rabbis who are greatly esteemed to this day.

    Anyone who reads and studies the the Old Testament, clearly sees the Jewish people as “stiff necked” “murmuring and complaining” ( in Yiddish that is called ‘kvetching’ ) and no matter how many miracles the Lord God did for my people, they continued to stray far from Him and embraced the beliefs of other cultures.

    Israel Today

    Did you know that Tel Aviv is known as the “Gay” capital of the world? Did you also know that the government of Israel will pay for up to three abortions for women who are serving in the IDF?

    I want the reader to understand that I am not writing these thing to disparage my people – but only to write the Truth of what is happening in the State of Israel.

    One of the reasons I feel led by the Lord in writing these truths, is that I believe that much of the “New Age” Kabbalist teachings will be instrumental in Israel being deceived by Antichrist when he comes to confirm a seven year treaty with them.

    He will help them build the third Temple. It sounds as if the people of Israel will fully trust this man. But mid-way into the Tribulation, when Antichrist ceases the sacrifices in the Temple, and sits himself in that Temple – declaring that he is God, I can’t even imagine the shock and horror of the people of Israel! But thank the Lord, their eyes will finally be opened.

    They will realize that they have been fooled, and that Jesus was and is their long awaiting Messiah. They missed the time of their visitation. In Romans 11, Paul explains why there was a partial hardening of the Jews towards Jesus.

    When Antichrist sits himself in the 3rd Temple and the Lord opens the eyes of the people, 2/3 of them will be slaughtered by the man of sin. 1/3 will escape to the hills.


    I wondered if the Antichrist might be Jewish, but then I would read Scripture which clearly states that the man of sin would come from the people who destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D. That means that his ancestors would have to come from a country which used to be within the Roman Empire. But that doesn’t mean that he could not have Jewish heritage.

    I think that the biggest stumbling block for Israel when the AC comes on the scene, will be his New Age beliefs. THIS is why I write so much on Kabbalah!

    READ MORE https://grandmageri422.me/2019/03/01/kabbalah-and-the-new-age-movement-setting-the-stage-for-antichrist-and-the-deception-of-israel/

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