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    Tony Koretz

    My Comment: Interesting how the price of precious metals is getting hammered in the west at the moment. But in places like Venezuela and Turkey, it is skyrocketing. One thing I have believed since the time I had a dream about it, is that just before the big financial crash they will hammer down metal prices one last time before they skyrocket. I am not saying that I think this is the time, but when big price smash downs like this happen, I am always reminded of that dream I had. Could this be it? I don’t know. This might just be another cycle…or could it be an advance warning? I’m not sure. But one thing I do feel is this: it’s a good time for people to buy “physical” precious metals while the price is down- if they have spare cash.

    James Turk – Relentless Gold & Silver Takedown Continues

    James Turk: “It’s been a tough day for the precious metals, Eric, but you know how I view these types of situations. We’ve spoken about it many times before — you always have to look at the big picture on a day like today. …

    “The central planners have a fix on gold that over the past few months has been relentless. They are going all out to trash gold and silver in the paper markets. So far it has worked out for them. But even though they are winning a battle, they will lose the war.

    Gold has been used as money for 5,000 years. It would be silly to assume that something with that kind of proven track record is no longer needed. The price suppression of the precious metals of late has been very effective. But you can only hold a beachball under water for so long, and right now gold and silver are trading under extreme conditions.

    The reality is that asset prices are always, in the final analysis, driven by fundamental factors. Undervalued assets eventually go up in price, and overvalued assets eventually go down in price. The Venezuelan bolivar was overvalued and crashed, just like is now happening to the Turkish lira. Look at this chart of gold priced in liras.

    Skyrocketing Gold in Turkish Lira

    READ MORE https://kingworldnews.com/james-turk-relentless-gold-silver-takedown-continues/

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