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    Terri Watson

    Is this the one world religion

    I watched this on Youtube and it really caught me off guard. I have never heard this before , don’t know how I missed it. This video teaches about the Talmud and what is really going on in Israel.
    Have you ever heard of the Noahide laws?? I had not. The teaching in the Talmud is so close to Sharia law it’s scary. Did you know the Sanhedrin has plans to replace the UN? They want the whole earth to be under the Noahide laws. The laws sound good at first – almost like the 10 Commandants but watch out! They consider idolatry to be punishable by beheading – and of course believing in Jesus Christ is idolatry.
    Isn’t Trumps’ son-in-law supporting this stuff??
    The more I learn about this the more it fits into end times. I found this and more on the ‘Israeli News Live” channel on Youtube. Check it out.


    Tony Koretz

    WE hope to be covering the Noahide laws in the very near future on the AMTM Show and in articles too

    A Minute to Midnite Administration
    A Minute To Midnite Show Host



    Before I could answer, Tony already made a show about this (see the most recent AMTM-episode).

    Nice synchronicity!
    And there was even a show on Israeli News Live concerning the deceptive potential oft he so-called Noahide Law just some days ago:

    All of this is really fascinating. This would allow the Antichrist to claim to be the national messiah for the Jewish people while at the same time being able to proclaim that there is neither Jew nor Gentile in the New World Order thanks to the Noahide system including all races and basically all cultures after a few modifications. It´s an ingenious counterfeit for the diversity in the body of the real Christ. This could be also a counterfeit-fulfillment of “As in the days of Noah…” (Matthew 24:37).

    And yes, Kushner seems to be really deep into this movement and is apparently using his political influence on both sides of the Atlantic to spread it in Judeo-Christian power circles. Not to put too much weight on guessing games, but if you would want to go out of your way and name candidates for the Man of Sin 2019, at least right now sneaky Jared makes for a far more compelling and sinister ascending champion of undivided globalism than old Barry. Makes you wonder if the Watchers will come once more “in the days of Jared” (Genesis 5:18).



    The new episode of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report just aired about Deception and the Third Temple with guests: Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Stan Deyo. I just listened in and they were telling the audience the same things about Jared Kushner I just mentioned, Steve Quayle even going so far to basically call this individual his current top candidate for the Man of Sin if he had to name one. That´s quite the statement coming from him.

    Jared, Jared… he sure is sending some weird signals…

    In comparison, this picture from medieval New Zealand (colorized):



    Gonz from FaceLikeTheSun already went on record back in 2017 with his concerns about the Kushner connection to moshiach-expectations, the Noahide laws as well as big tech companies:

    A lot of developments are bizarre enough on their own, but when they turn out to be interconnected, the creep-factor rises exponentially. And it should give you some food for thought if the same person is starting to show up in more and more of the relevant places of interest you´re observing.

    Another infotaining 15 minute clip-show about busy Jared:

    But to be fair and balanced:

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