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    Christy Cooper

    Cayenne pepper should be in everyone’s medical emergency kit. It is not only a great spice that is healthy to eat but it also has a lot of great topical uses. It clots the blood almost immediately when applied to a wound. I have enclosed a short article on a few of its uses but I would recommend researching the widespread uses of cayenne pepper. They are worth noting in my opinion. How to stop bleeding in 10 seconds or less


    Dianna Bonner

    ABSOLUTELY!! I learned about cayenne pepper from Dr. Christopher at a preparedness convention. I had the chance to test it’s effectiveness when my mother lived with me this past year (she passed away in August.) She couldn’t see very well and when she was trimming her toenails she actually cut the tip of her toe pretty badly. What a mess! She couldn’t get it to stop bleeding so I packed it with cayenne pepper – it doesn’t sting or hurt at all. The bleeding stopped and we were able to bandage it. It’s great when you can take control of your health outside of Western/conventional/allopathic medicine.


    Senior Moderator

    Thanks for that Christy, I will be putting cayenne powder in my first aid kits now. The video on preparing a haemostatic wound cover coated with cayenne was great thank you.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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