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    Hey guys, I initially planned to just open this topic and bring forward my prayer request when I noticed I also had to come up with a topic title (more on this later).

    Well, my prayer request itself is pretty straightforward: My immediate family – especially parents plus brother – still haven´t come to know Jesus even after me trying literally everything for years to get them on board. From a secular point of view they are the nicest and most respectable people you can imagine and you definetely would want to have folks like them as neighbours. But when it comes to things beyond the physical realm, they seem to just. don´t. get. it. They are typical examples of non-spiritual people, random normal citizens; their minds are completely set on 3D and focused on the things of this world.

    I´d like to pray that somehow by some miracle some of the seed I planted will be watered again and eventually grow. I think it would really take a mircale to break the spiritual walls and I´m super thankful if anybody joined this prayer.

    So yeah, I thought I’d name this topic “family matters”. As soon as I typed this title it reminded me of that one TV-sitcom with said name in the 90’s. It was in my opinion a good and decent show. You know, back when the official family shows of the day weren´t downright evil and openly promoting the “modern” (anti-)family values (O Al Bundy, where art thou?).
    Anyway, the thing I remember from this show was the one popular wacky character (saying and doing outlandish things) who just continuously puzzled or bemused the normal family in the center of the story. Now I find myself in the position of being a Christian version of this character among all of this super-normal relatives who want to live their super-normal life. It sometimes feels very surreal given the more and more insane state of this world and the absolute reality of spiritual warfare. But whenever I try to tell one of them something about the real reality they look bewildered or confused for a moment (if it were a TV-sitcom you would insert the laughter track right here) before their minds reset and they go on with their life.

    But in all seriousness, I fear for their souls, please pray for an intervention of the Lord God Almighty. And if you can relate to all of this and have the same issue with your family members, feel free to post it below and I will gladly pray for them too.



    I will keep your family in my prayers for sure!


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    Hey Moritz, that was a heartfelt cry for your family that I very much understand and have prayed for them. I am fairly certain, having listened to a few of the stories of folks who come onto this forum, that many will identify with your situation. I know that I certainly do. I can’t offer any advice that wouldn’t end up sounding trite, other than to keep praying for them, and as Sarah has said, just to keep them in our prayers. Bless you and thanks for putting this up.

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    ABBA Father – I lift up Moritz, his Father, Mother and Brother to you and cover them with the Precious Blood of the Lamb. In the Name of Jesus Christ I claim his Father, Mother and Brother for the Kingdom of God, for You Father, right now. In the Name of Jesus I tear down every strong-hold of the enemy erected against them. In the Name of Jesus I destroy every hindrance the enemy has placed in their path leading to you. Holy Spirit I ask You to provide dreams and visions of heaven and hell to them. Holy Spirit, it is You who brings conviction and we thank-you that this will happen as we remain in faith. Father, we thank and praise you for your wonderful Son, Jesus, who gave everything, that we may be redeemed back to You. Lord Jesus I thank You for your continuous intercession on our behalf. You are wonderful. All Glory and Honour belong to You. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

    (Instantaneous multiplication of power of prayer will occur for everyone who agrees. Praise to Him Who lives forever and ever!)

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