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      Hello all,
      This last week has been very interesting for me. I have felt that the body has really been attacked lately. That Satan has ramped up his fight against us. I have been especially drawn to pray for the Watchmen who put their lives on the line and give words to each of us everyday. Some words are not pretty and some words are very hard to swallow, but these men and women are getting attacked for carrying out a job given to them by the Lord!
      While I was in prayer for them I received a vision. The next day I received a continuation from that first vision.
      I believe the Lord has lead me to share it with you all as encouragement!

      While I was in prayer this morning (July 12) I was praying for all the watchmen I know and even the ones I don’t know.
      There has been so many reports of attacks within the body especially with the Remnant.
      I have devoted time to single out the ones I know and really lift them up.
      As I was praying I saw myself standing there with my armor on (Ephesians 6) the arrows from the enemy began to fly. I was actively using my shield to block the arrows. At first it was just a few here and there, then it started to literally rain down arrows from the enemy. As I was being pelted on my shield I began to hunker down with my shield protecting my entire body.
      The arrows never stopped, in fact they came with such fierceness and such hatred. I saw the enemy just laughing and snarling at what was happening. Then I noticed I wasn’t alone, there were tons of us being pelted by the enemy’s arrows and we were all doing the same thing. As we hunkered down we began do dig our shields into the dirt. They stayed and protected us.
      But the beauty of this all was that we were not alone! The entire time Jesus was standing behind us! And when we turned around after digging our shields into the dirt we found so much joy! We were never really afraid of the arrows, but it was a lot of work. When we recognized Jesus all the “work” that we were doing just fell away. Our shields never gave into the attacks as we looked at our Savior with joy! There was such joy in Him and in us!
      It was beyond my words to describe it.
      Jesus spoke and said, “ I AM your guard. As these attacks begin when you raise your shield I will protect you, do not keep your focus on the enemy’s arrows but on Me. As you look upon Me you will be filled with so much Joy that the enemy will seethe with frustration.”
      As He was saying this I saw the enemy red hot with anger. The arrows flew even harder but they had literally now power!

      Watchmen these are words of encouragement for you! Please do not leave your post! There are many of us that are listening and keeping you in prayer. As the attacks on you grow stronger and stronger do as the Lord has said, turn and put your focus on Him! He will be your shield and protector!
      Remnant do likewise. Pray and pray some more. Read the Word and don’t give into the enemy. Heed the words from the watchmen and lift them up in prayer! As the end draws near the only way we will make it through anything( and by making it through it’s not to save your life just to save it, but to save your life so you and I can preach the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritually dead and almost physically dead)
      The only way to make it through anything is to dig deeper into Christ! As the attacks grow stronger and stronger so does the Holy Spirit in you!
      Blessing all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

      As I was praying this morning (July 13)
      I saw a continuation of the previous vision.
      As we turned to the Lord, yes there was so much joy! But then the Lord began instruction each one of us and the mood became more serious. We each straightened up as if we were soldiers at attention and the Lord began speaking to each of us individually. He was telling us that He is preparing us for the battle coming. He was very serious in this and He said to be wise and pay attention to Him alone and listen. For the coming days there will be battles and He needs us to be ready for the battles coming.

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      Desiree Munn

        Here is a vision/word I received about 1 1/2 months ago, which what Sarah received is confirmed. I imagine we are not the only ones being encouraged. I will start off with this verse from God’s Word:

        So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

        I was having my nightly devotion, where I read a few chapters in the Bible and spend some time thinking about what I read and talking to Jesus. This particular night, I felt very strongly led to write in my study journal. I am not a “diary” journalist – preferring to keep things to myself or share them with my husband. But, recently this past year, I have been prompted to start keeping a journal next to my Bible, because there are things that I need to write down. Or at least, I feel like the Holy Spirit has been laying it upon my heart to do so. Sometimes, the very act of writing with your hand and a pen/pencil is more thought provoking and intensive than sitting at a computer and typing away. Either way, I was led to start writing something that was entirely out of subject with my Scripture reading that night, nor did it have to do with anything I was presenting to God in prayer. This was completely Holy Spirit led, but as always, test the spirits as per Scripture. Here is what I felt led to write:

        We are to remember that we are actively fighting in a deadly spiritual war. This war is not against our mortal flesh, but against the unseen things of this world. Unclean spirits, demons, the Fallen and their schemes, and overall – Satan/Lucifer and his deadly deceptions through lies and sin. Our mortal flesh is affected as well, for that is inevitable, since the wages of sin is death. We are to put the full armor of YWHW God and fight with the double-edged sword that is the Word.
        We are on the defensive and are behind enemy lines. We have been completely surrounded by enemy fire. We are forced to watch as our comrades fall, sometimes one at a time and at other times, whole squadrons. As the end nears, our fight will seem desperate, like no matter what we do, we lose precious ground while the enemy closes in. Our memories of peaceful times past, will slowly dance before our eyes taunting us – before fading away. They will give way to the rapid-fire attacks of the war’s battlefield that we literally find ourselves in the midst of.
        We have to run for our lives as the enemy fire shoots us down, sometimes we manage to return the fire. We are forced to crawl, as our Great General unleashes devastating destruction towards the enemy with fires, floods, storms, and pestilences. As soldiers in the midst of a raging violent war, we are battered by the constant bombardment of enemy fire both day and night. Rest does not come and peace is far fleeing. The darkness will press in on those still left on the battlefield. Just when we think that all is lost and we ponder if we should just give up because we can’t take it anymore…Our Mighty General comes forth with a loud trumpet blast! Behind Him are uncountable legions. A sudden and swift victory is on the horizon. The enemy trembles with fear at the sight, though some are bold and prideful. Their attack melts and they are destroyed by Heaven’s Army. The enemy flees and tries to hide, but justice is swift. The wrath of the Great One is dealt out in a righteous deadly wave – not a single enemy will remain standing.
        As we weary and battle-scarred soldiers watch this, we are fully encompassed by our Mighty General’s protection. He tells us every moment to “Not be afraid, do not fear. His is the victory!” We fought hard and accumulated many severe wounds, some of our comrades died. But, in a miraculous event, all are healed and those who were killed receive new life! Our Mighty General takes off our armor and gives us the soft robes of a king to wear. Our blood and dirt stained skin becomes washed as white as snow. Our weariness vanishes and our strength is renewed. The battlefield is cleared and cleansed with fire. A new Paradise becomes open to us and the Great City welcomes us home.
        “It is finished!” He says, and all lift up their voices of song and praise to He Who Is. “Come, all who are weary and heavy-burdened, and I will give you rest. Amen!” So says the Lord, Who Was and Is, and Is to Come.

        And with that, I stopped, feeling a finality in what I had written. As I was writing that last part, it was almost as if I could literally hear the voices of countless numbers cheering and celebrating and giving praise. It was so moving that I sat there and cried. So the point of both mine and Sarah’s vision/word is this: do not be afraid. Yes, we are going to fight a battle the likes of which we have never before imagined. The gates of Hell have been released and Satan’s wrath against the Children of God, the sheep of Jesus, is going to hit us full force. Some of us will not have to fight, others will suffer minor persecutions, and yet still others will suffer and even lose their lives for His Namesake. However, the closer to the end it gets, the worse the fight will become. We are but in the calm before the storm – the beginning of the end. Do not be afraid, for He is with us and His Holy Spirit lives within us. We know who will claim the victory and we know that His Promises will remain true.

        Angela Georgantas

          Wow! Thank you guys both for posting these! I am encouraged!


            I am sitting here with goose bumps! I have been receiving confirmation after confirmation from the Holy Spirit on all fronts. He is building His army and it is amazing to be apart. I feel humbled and blessed and pray every second that I can be worthy and I will listen to our Father’s voice!
            God bless you sister!


              I say these kinds of psychic attacks or however you want to describe will sort the wheat from the tares,
              how strong in our faith do we need to be?
              As strong as possible.
              Thanks for the post.

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