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    Joanie Stahl just released a very timely video with a message from the Lord. She speaks about how God wants us to use our gifts and talents to encourage and build up each other in the body of Christ right now because a lot of the brethren are devastated and horribly beaten down by the enemy. If you want to check it out:

    My comment: Our people surely are in dire need of something uplifting, this all rings true.

    So, what does this look like? The whole time while watching the video I pondered the question. Perhaps it´s as simple as this: Go ahead a post some stuff that might drag some brother out of a mental sinkhole he´s in. That´s why I post my comment in this section of the forums.

    And no, I’m definetly not thinking of an audiovisual exercise in religious piety. Living in a digital age I think everyone gets the basic principle of a motivational meme, like The Inspirational Doggo for example:

    Well, in sanitized Christian media it probably doesn´t get better than this:

    …and that´s great in it´s own right but quite frankly everytime I think about an inspirational soundtrack for the Tribulation ( I fully realize this is coming down to one´s personal taste in music) I resort to Blackie Lawless, frontman of the heavy metal band W.A.S.P., who is a born again Christian today.
    Blackie, born as Steven Edward Duren, was a literal black sheep (nomen est omen) especially in the 80s and infamous for all the bad things Christians usually do not appreaciate in metal bands. But lo behold, he´s making awesome music for the Lord now, he´s warning people about the mark of the beast, the rising of the Antichrist, and the burning of Babylon in his most recent albums – and he obviously absolutely doesn´t care what religious people think about him or his style. He´s just in it for Jesus. He´s rejecting the accusations of the great Adversary concerning his past sins and his blatant incompatability with churchianity. He didn´t get the memo that he should just leave the arts to the enemy and roll over in despair. He dares smashing his guitar against the gates of hell with full force instead of knocking politely.
    And me personally, everytime I remember these songs in my head (fitting, since one day electricity will be gone) I‘m reminded that the gates of hell will not prevail against the power within us. The reading of Scripture demands that we will eventually go on offense again since gates are defensive structures of the enemy. Buck up!

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