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    Hobo Stove- Emergency Tin Can Cooker – Easily Done

    This short video gives you a brief rundown on how to make a Hobo Stove from an 850g tin can and a small biscuit tin. This compact little emergency cooker is great for boiling water quickly. It easily fits into a small bug out bag or back pack, with what you need to start a fire packed inside it. It could be very useful in a situation where you can’t make a camp fire. Perhaps in an urban emergency where you must cook quickly, or if you are camping and want to make boil watt for a cup of coffee in minimal time and without creating huge amounts of smoke.

    Emergency Cooking Or Boil Water – Thermette – Kelly Kettle & Hobo Stove

    For disaster preparedness or on a camping trip, here are three options to boil water quickly using a small and well contained fire. Whether it is to boil water for a cup of coffee, or to prepare a freeze dried meal, a Thermette, a Kelly Kettle or a Hobo Stove are all great options in the outdoors. Here is a short demonstration video on using them. Each of them can also be used to cook meals as well.
    They are very economical on fuel ( wood, dried grass, leaves etc).

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