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    Have you ever noticed the great in-fighting in the body of Christ? The quickness to draw out swords and destroy instantly. There is a great war right now in the Household of Faith and there is a reason why. Listen while I reveal to you what the Lord said to me when I was grieved deeply in my heart, and in prayer I asked Him to show me, and immediately He did. I hope and pray that all who listen to this will take this to heart. Shalom!


    Tony Koretz

    Another excellent message Joanie- I am amazed at how many great and powerful messages you and Brook are coming up with so regularly. It’s awesome!

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    Kara Pickering

    Wonderful message, Joanie! Thanks.



    You know, in ecology “Dead zones” are bodies of water that do not have sufficient oxygen levels in order to support most marine life (more likely to happen to smaller standing waters during heat waves).
    While – of course – these vessels are technically still containing life (just like the hypoxic Christians are – of course – still spiritually alive because they believe in the finished work of Jesus), their level of life is mostly down to the amoeba-stage and not necessarily visible to the human eye.
    All the outsiders witness is sadly something appaling (with a lot of rotten sea fruit floating around) they wouldn´t necessarily want to dive into.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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