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    There has been lately something akin to an epic Satanic nuclear war on Christian marriages lately like never seen before. Both men and women are direct targets of the cruelty of this war. In this episode, I direct this message to men because it often happens that men are overlooked in the area of pain, loss and fear. My focus is on Christian men who have done all to fight for their marriages, yet, divorce seems imminent. This is not a Bible study, or a Biblical study on marriage. This is an initiative from our hearts, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Brook Ardoin will be doing part 2 on Women, then part 3 I will do on Single people, and finally, Brook will commence with part 4 on Children. You can visit her Channel called “Fire and Freedom.”


    Tony Koretz

    This was a great video Joanie! I am going to add Brook’s follow up video for this here as well. Guys- you should listen to both of these video!

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