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    Joanie Stahl

    What is lacking in the body of Christ is the understanding of the tripartite man. Meaning, spirit, soul and body, and the functionality of them. Everyone knows that these three exist, but do not have any idea that they are to work together in succession beginning with the spirit of the person. The Holy Spirit mingles with the spirit of the saved person, then the soul partakes of what the spirit of the man receives of the Holy Spirit, then the soul releases it through the expression of the body. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Believers never fully have victory. Because it is with the will of the person that is the source of power. Satan understand the power of the will in each person. It is the center point of the person, the deciding and believing force of power. The will resides within the soul which is the seat of the mind, will, emotions. If Satan can bind the will of a person, he has enormous control over them. Learn now how to have control over your own vessels and rule with power from on high through the Holy Spirit within you, and never let the devil rule over you ever again!

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