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    Fred Scritsmier

    Watch the 7 min video. This may be what starts the collapse.
    Remember, it may happen very quickly. Rev 18:10


    Tony Koretz

    It will be very interesting to watch what happens to markets on Monday. This should give everyone a bit of an incentive to make sure you are stocked up with food and water etc. We never know when the day of collapse will actually happen, but it’s wise to be prepared!
    Thanks for sharing this video Fred!

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    Tony Koretz

    U.S. Begins CRUSHING Gov’t of Turkey Over Refusal to Release American Pastor

    The United States has been in a bit of a dispute with Turkey for about two years. That dispute is now resulting in an almost total collapse of Turkish currency, signalling credit DEFAULT for Turkish companies, and now, may drag into Bankruptcy, certain European Banks which lent Billions to Turkey. The matter is quickly becoming a major financial disaster, and the US will not stop what it’s doing to Turkey (Deliberately causing these troubles) until Turkey releases an American citizen they’ve been holding for almost two years.

    The issue has to do with the Turks demanding the US turn over some Turkish guy from Pennsylvania, whom the Turks believe had something to do with the failed Coup against Turkish President Recypt Erdogan.

    The US asked Turkey to provide EVIDENCE that the man in Pennsylvania had anything at all to do with it, and Turkey FAILED to provide evidence. So the US won’t turn him over.

    In response, Turkey arrested a US Pastor on bogus “terrorism” charges and has been holding that Pastor in jail. The US wants our citizen released and Turkey says no. Sooooo, the US imposed economic sanctions upon Turkey. But the Turks are stiff-necked, they wouldn’t release our citizen.

    The sanctions began having a very significant impact upon Turkey, especially on the value of Turkish money, called Lira. The value of the Lira has been steadily dropping for months because countries are not doing business with the Turks on account of US Sanctions.

    Last week, things suddenly started going very bad for Turkey. Companies in Turkey who have loans, are required to repay those loans in US Dollars. But with the value of the Turkish Lira falling so much, companies don’t have enough Lira to buy enough Dollars to repay their loans. Some of those companies — major companies in Turkey — are now facing the very real prospect of LOAN DEFAULT.

    As of 9:35 a.m. EST, today, Friday, Turkey’s currency has fallen 16.6%. That’s 16.6% TODAY!

    This now has potential to bring down many banks that have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars to Turkey. Those banks have required that their loans be repaid in US Dollars, not the Turkish lira. Since their lira is falling apart, they cannot purchase those US dollars and will default on all those loans.


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