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    Tony Koretz

    California lawmakers declare war on Christian faith

    By Michael Brown

    As California’s AB 2943 is about to become law, some senators are announcing their real sentiments loudly and clearly: Christians do not have the right to practice their faith. To Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi and to Sen. Ricardo Lara, I plainly pose this question: Who appointed you God?

    For those who are unaware, AB 2943 would make it illegal for anyone with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender identity confusion to get professional help. In other words, the bill would tell Christian counselors they cannot love their neighbor as themselves. It would tell Christian pastors they cannot offer professional services to parishioners who want to get to the root of their unwanted same-sex desires.

    That’s why, in April, I dubbed this the “Must Stay Gay” bill.

    Of course, all kinds of counseling and professional services would remain available if you want to go in the pro-LGBT direction. So, you could get counseling to help you embrace your homosexuality. Or you could get a doctor to prescribe hormone blockers for your 10-year-old daughter who thinks she’s a boy trapped in a girl’s body.

    But counseling that would go in the opposite direction (such as helping your daughter feel whole as a girl) would be illegal. In fact, such counseling is already illegal for minors in California.

    Now the outrage goes one step further, which is why I and others have called on Christians throughout the state to prepare for civil disobedience to an unrighteous law.

    On Aug. 16, the Senate passed AB 2943 by a vote of 25-11, and the bill is scheduled to go the Assembly this coming week. Then, it will be almost definitely be signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, despite a steady stream of protest.

    What gives these legislators the right to restrict the freedoms of millions of Californians? Who gave them the authority to limit counselor-client relationships? Who told them to determine what people of faith can believe and practice?

    When the Senate approved the bill, a headline on a pro-gay website explained, “AB 2943 Would Make Clear in California Law that Dangerous, Discredited Practice Is Consumer Fraud, Now Heads to Assembly for Concurrence Vote.”


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    Desiree Munn

    It’s only a matter of time before the entire nation follows suit

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