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    Christy Cooper

    I researched and wanted to know what they used for a venomous bite before anti venom and one thing they used was black draw Salve. It only takes about 5 minute to make and I can testify that it does work at least on the things that I had to use it for. I was bitten by a black widow spider and my hand was so swollen that I couldn’t move my fingers, I applied the draw salve every few hours and by the next day, my hand was back to normal. My dog got boils and it cured them in about 24-48 hours. The vet couldn’t believe it! My husband got poison ivy by his eyes and his eyes litterly were swollen shut. Within 24 hours all signs of the poison ivy were gone. In an emergency, I believe everyone should keep this on hand. Here’s the recipe;

    Black draw salve
    1/4 C calendula infused olive oil
    1/4 c coconut oil
    2T beeswax
    3-4 tsp activated charcoal
    3 tsp bentonite clay
    10 drops frankincense essential oil
    10 drops lavender essential oil
    If you want it creamier, add a little castor oil

    I use a mason jar and put all oils in the jar along with the beeswax, I place the mason jar in a pan and fill it with water around the jar but not in the jar. Heat it over a low heat until the beeswax is completely melted. Remove it from the heat and add your essential oils, charcoal and bentonite clay. For an added preservative a bit of vitamin E oil is a great additive and also has healing elements. Pour it into the container and let it cool before you put a lid on it.


    Christy Cooper

    Draw salve

    This salve will also pull out splinters of all types.

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