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    Phil Mandsager

    I just want to defend Anthony Patch.
    On a show a while back Joanie Stahl was talking about an interview she heard where AP’s wife Elana Freeland talking about Geomancy. I cannot speak to that particular interview.
    Joanie got the idea that Mrs Freeland was saying that Jesus practiced Geomancy, a form of divination.
    I’m a semi regular listener to Mr Patch.
    From interviews I’ve heard, they go out of their way to state that no, Jesus DID NOT PRACTICE Geomancy.
    The point they make is that Jesus can read our minds. He always knew what the disciples were thinking. He read the thoughts of the woman at the well. He can read our thoughts.
    So with the woman caught in adultery and the Pharisees trying to frame her, he was reading their thoughts.
    He ‘practiced’ geomancy this one and only time because he knew their entire occult belief system.
    And the fact he knew not only their thoughts, but their secret society majic, really shook them.

    Patch has done a great job linking Kaballah to the end time Beast Technology.
    He had a great guest: Author DeAnne Loper – “Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need To Know” – June 9, 2019

    I highly, highly recommend you guys get DeAnne Loper as a guest. Or even Mr Patch for that matter.
    I think I heard Israeli News Live say she will soon be a guest to talk about the very popular Jonathan Cahn and how a lot of his stuff slants towards Kaballah. Cahn is deceiving so many people!! And didn’t he say the economy was going to collapse 2 years ago? And now that the economy actually is going to collapse, he isn’t even talking about it???


    I agree with your perspective. I´m a somewhat semi-regular listener to Anthony Patch as well and he indeed stated that Jesus was not a practitioner of geomancy, but Jesus instead deliberately freaked out those pharisees when He confronted them with their own not-so-secret schematics of their hidden art by publicly drawing their blueprint in the sand so they hurried to the next exit with their tails between their legs rather than continuing to accuse the woman of her crime. At least that´s the assumption of Mr. Patch (and an assumption is all that this is, although an interesting one).

    Btw I share your sentiment towards “Rabbi” Jonathan Cahn. Worst case scenario with that guy in my humble opinion is that under his prayer-schawl he´s brewing an end-times witchcraft potion for the judaized christianese demographic. Best case scenario: Dude just smokes too many shofars.

    Phil Mandsager

    I guess a more interesting question is: Did Daniel practice Geomancy, or rather was he forced to?
    As the leader of the court of Sorcerers in Babylon, he certainly would have been taught about it, and would need to be familiar with it to work with the other priests in the Kings Court.
    But inside Daniel certainly would not have put any kind of faith in it. His reliance was always upon the Holy Spirit.

    Also, take a look at the Jerusalem Cross. A classic example of Geomany, 4 quadrants split into 4 more quadrants. Don’t know if Patch has ever talked about this?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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