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    Desiree Munn

    So, I posted this before, but my internet browser/Microsoft conveniently deleted it without a trace. It’s been a few weeks, but I am just now able to re-post it.

    I have had some strange experiences that I think are directly related to the roll-out of 5G coming soon. On two separate occasions, I have seen essentially UFO’s in the sky near my home (within a couple of miles of my house). Each object was unidentifiable in size, matte black in color, and completely 100% motionless in the air, about 50 ft. above the tops of the trees. Both times I saw these things, it was while I was driving, so I couldn’t investigate further. But, while watching these things (and trying to drive), not once did they move. No hovering, no wobbling like you would see with a drone. No lights, no reflection, no bobbing up and down like you would get with a balloon. Just a completely motionless object with no discernable features – just solid matte black. And, after watching for a few seconds, they both disappeared without a trace. Just poof, gone! No zooming off, no floating up or falling down, just vanished right before my eyes. And I saw these things on two separate occasions. One was shaped like a perfect orb ball and the other was sort of bottle-shaped – like a Coke bottle.

    So, that’s one thing. Another strange thing that happened was I was outside washing my van. I was just sitting there, wiping down my dash. No music on, no one else with me, no one else out in the neighborhood, just birds singing, distant car traffic, and the sound of me wiping with a rag. All of a sudden I hear a very VERY loud sound that was similar to a PA system coming on. It was electronic for sure, I could hear the echo, and it sounded so loud, like I was standing right in front of a concert stage and someone just got on the microphone to make an announcement. But what I heard didn’t make sense. It sounded garbled. But it said, “garble garble, garble garble garble, garble garble” and then like that, silence. I looked all around at the houses and no one had windows open or anything that could have done it. No one was in their car. No cars were going down the road when I heard it. Nowhere could it have come from that I could discern. I immediately went to my back yard where my husband was doing yard work. I asked him what that just was and he just looked at me confused. I asked if he heard that loud noise and he said he didn’t hear a single thing. My husband did not hear that very loud electronic announcement. And he’s not deaf. I was very confused, but what he told me next had me intrigued. He said that recently he had watched a video on YouTube, but couldn’t remember what it was called, where they were talking about 5G and people were saying that they were hearing people talking or loud noises coming from these 5G cell towers. He thinks what I heard came from a 5G tower.

    I have a cell tower about a half mile away from my house. Half a mile. If what I heard came from that tower, that means they are testing and are about ready to roll out 5G. There are enough videos out there on YouTube that expose the dangers and possible reasons behind 5G (that have nothing to do with internet speeds). Question is, why would I hear it, but not my husband? Some telepathic frequency maybe? I am still very baffled by this. And one last thing related to this…the very next morning, my 7 yr. old daughter walked up to me and said “Speakers 1 through 10. Speakers 1 through 10.” then she walked away. I immediately had red flags going off in my mind. I asked her why she just said that and looked at me blankly and said what? I told her what she just said and asked where she heard it. She had no idea. I asked if she heard it on tv or one of her friends or maybe even in her dreams and she said she didn’t know. Why would she say that? She was taking a nap at the time that I heard that loud noise, so is it possible that was what was said? Were they testing speakers one through 10? There are about 12 speakers on the tower close to my home, if those are speakers attached to it. My son didn’t hear it. My husband didn’t hear it. But I heard it garbled and my daughter who says she didn’t hear anything comes out and says something completely strange and random like that. She typically does not say random things like that. Needless to say I have been praying prayers of protection over her and my son.

    Just strange. Anyone have anything to say with this? As we get closer to the end, things are just going to get weirder and weirder on top of sorrows. The Holy Spirit told me that we are in the beginning of the end. The end is very near. Jesus is coming soon. What is the real reason behind 5G or are there many reasons and a fast internet/data connection is just a side effect? Anyone think this is in any way connected to 5G or have I been experiencing something different entirely?

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