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    What a excellent programme #213 is. I was not aware of the serious challenges Matt has been facing regarding his health. The information that was shared on this installment was great and I encourage everyone to listen to it. Matt’s boldness, solid depth of biblical faith, gentle delivery and facts he shared along with Tony was not only encouraging and informative but comforting. Whenever I sense I am in the “presence” so to speak,..of true learned men of God it is a comfort and brings hope. Thanks guys! Now I am wondering how I can share this important and needed programme with my kids. One married into the Catholic faith, One lives with a major Yoga instructor who trained in India, One attends Yoga classes with a church friend from work and One lives with an unsaved woman and has no Christian fellowship. A sad commentary on 4 kids who were raised in church, prayed with and forced to memorize scripture. Matt highlighting the various forms of deception that has rendered much of the organized church today apostate in its condition is shown in living colour in my own family. Keep sharing the word and sounding the alarm guys. again, terrific post!

    Tony Koretz

    Thanks Vlad. I actually learn a lot from Matt myself. It is really him, to whom I owe much credit in the research I have done on many topics – particularly that one. Even though his health issues meant he hadn’t done much recently in terms of article writing or broadcasts, he was still pretty regularly sending me useful information which i wa sable to use in AMTM shows etc.
    As far as having adult children who don’t walk in the faith goes: It’s a hard one. I am in that same boat with mine.

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