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    Tony Koretz

    212- John Haller – Examining End Time Events in Current World News

    Episode 212 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. John Haller joins Tony, and examines some of the most important developments currently in World news. John brings out some extremely interesting points in this discussion!

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    Phil Mandsager

    Sorry, a little late on my podcasts. I had some disagreements with John.
    First of all, what is wrong with being a Palestinian Christian? A believer is a believer are they not? Shouldn’t we support them every bit as much as a Christian in China, or India, or Indonesia?
    To support Human Rights IS NOT ‘anti semetic’. It is Pro Human Rights.
    What is wrong with the BDS Movement? Now US States have LAWS FORCING State workers to sign a non-BDS paper? How Big Brother is that? Woman in Texas already lost her job. Shouldn’t that tell us something?
    He seemed quite cold hearted to the doctor who lost his children?? He didn’t show a single ounce of Sympathy or Christ like Compassion? Instead he has to question his story? Just to strengthen his argument?
    I’ve heard the Israel behind 9-11 theory. Somebody has to explain the dancing rooftop Israelis, and the van with 9-11 painted on the side pulled over on the Brooklyn Bridge?
    I found it funny he failed to mention George Soros is Jewish? The Mainstream news I heard was equating anyone who brought up the ‘conspiracy theory’ of Soros funding the caravan must be ‘anti-semetic’. Same old trick they always use to silence people.
    And also failed to mention Jared Kushner is Jewish??? Yes, absolutely the guy is a CREEP. He has known Netanyahu since he was a child. Kushner is putting together the ‘peace deal’. Trumps’ daughter converted to Judaism, and the Christian Right applauds it??
    You nailed it Tony. 33 speakers at the Pro Israel Prophecy Conference. C’mon man. He didn’t even answer your question. He just said it was a good conference.
    This guy was so full of contradictions and holes. I honestly do not like the man. Maybe because once a Lawyer, always a Lawyer? Maybe he should study how the entire Judicial System is owned by the Masons and the Bar pledges allegiance to the Queen.
    Why do we put guys like this on a pedestal just because they call themselves a ‘prophecy teacher’? Any one of us knows every bit as much if not more about the Bible.


    Senior Moderator

    Hi Phil

    I read your post here and need to say that I cannot agree with you on a number of points. It would seem that you have taken a position on John Haller based on (in my opinion) your own biases. If you listened to John’s prophecy update, done weekly on a Sunday through the Fellowship Bible Chapel, you would understand that John does a very thorough job of researching the material he uses. Based on what I see and hear of John, I think he would agree with you that there is nothing wrong with being a Palestinian Christian, and I believe he would be the first to support human rights. If you listen to John long enough (and I encourage you to do so) you will understand that he is not anti “Palestinian Christian” or anti “human rights”. I am supporting John because he represents some sanity and reason in a very crazy messed up world, he is showing how things really are and measuring it against Bible prophecy, he also exposes the hypocrisy of the UN, the Palestinian Authority, Islam and the Main Stream Media. Why? because they exploit “Palestinians” for their own gain whether it be spiritual, political or financial.

    By the way, it is worth doing some research on the term “Palestinian” and where it comes from, it was actually an invention of Yasser Arafat (an Egyptian national) in 1964. The word “Palestine” is also a Roman invention, don’t take my word for it, check this out.

    It is my opinion, but, BDS is anti-Semitic organisation. They have done great harm to Israel and I personally would never support them. Do you know about George Soros and his history and upbringing in Hungary? It is truly disturbing, as are his beliefs about himself. I invite you to do some research in this area.

    Is Israel perfect? No, they are not, but God says they are not either in Ezekiel 36:22-38, and He still chooses to restore them because He has a covenant with them, and is doing so now. God is still dealing with Israel, they are still Jacob (unbroken) and not Israel (broken with Jesus).

    Phil, to cut to the chase, Satan will do anything to damage Israel and is trying very hard, but it will come to nothing (all the hatred and vitriol of Israels enemies, what true basis does it have?). Does Israel have some hard yards to do before returning to Jesus? Yes they do, and many Israelis will lose their lives, but God is not finished with Jacob/Israel yet. If God is supporting Israel, then we should also with the truth of His word and in understanding Israels place in Bible prophecy.

    Phil, you did not qualify your statement about John being “full of contradictions and holes”, my suggestion is that if you have a problem with John, go straight to him and ask him personally. Here is the contact page for Fellowship Bible Chapel where you can contact John Haller.

    I would encourage you to support any negative statements you make about people with some sort of factual evidence, or you will find your comments deleted, I believe that you have got it wrong on John Haller and that it would be worth your while to spend more time listening to John’s updates, also researching the real truth about Israel (especially what the Bible has to say) and the truth about Palestinian issue.

    Tony is currently doing another program with John Haller at this time, he is a valued guest speaker and we support what he does.

    God bless you Phil

    MattS AMTM Team

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