Mystery Babylon goes back to the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, through Egypt, Greece and Rome…but I think it goes back before that – to the lie in the Garden.

By Gary Huffman

From the lie in the garden (that God was holding back good and wisdom from humanity and that we could be as gods or as God) onward, Satan wants to be known as the savior of mankind (luciferianism) and become their god. This is a large part of Gnosticism (hidden knowledge that Lucifer brings to humanity), as I understand it…which is modern Mystery Babylon manifested in any of the Mystery Schools—Freemasonry, Rosacrucianism, Roman Catholicism, The Jesuit Order,  The Nazi Party, Kabbalah, The New Age,  etc…the teaching that God (Yahweh) is bad and out to hold back good from humans and to harm them, and that Lucifer (“Light Bearer”) is good and wants to bring enlightenment to humans. Anywhere the spirit of anti-christ is at work, Mystery Babylon is at work.

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