Three Dreams

Three Dreams

By Tony K March 2020

I have been asked by a couple of people about some dreams I had in the past, wanting to know more specifically what was in the dreams. I have never claimed to be any sort of prophet, but here I will outline briefly three dreams I had, which do appear to be playing out in reality right now. However, as with anything like this the reader should weigh them carefully and decide what they think. They may or may not be prophetic. Time will tell I suppose.

This first dream was some time in the 1990’s or early 2000’s. It’s written down in one of my notebooks somewhere, but I am just going to share what I remember of it as I haven’t found the notebook with it in yet. ( I have heaps of old prayer notebooks)

Dream One:

I dreamed that a giant doctor’s bag fell out of the sky and all the medical instruments fell out of the bag. It was an old-fashioned leather bag like doctors used to have when they did home calls etc. In the dream I remember thinking “The doctor is dead”. Obvious from the size of the bag the doctor represented something big and significant

Looking back at it now, I wonder if it maybe represented the medical systems of the world? The medical system as we know it “dying”.

From there the scene changed, and I found myself in some kind of very large open air prison compound. I saw very few people, and those I did see seemed without hope and dejected. There were large surveillance robots that had tracks like a tank or bulldozer, and they were making the rounds of the compound. I think they may have had some type of weapon as well from memory.

Dream Two:

June 6th2014 ( transcribed from a handwritten notebook)

I dreamed that there was a large eagle and a smaller eagle lying on the ground with their wings spread out. They were on their stomachs. There was a man stomping on them to break their necks and backs, to make sure they were dead. I woke up.

Footnote from June 2014: I wondered if the two eagles represented 2 countries with the USA being the larger eagle and some other country being the smaller eagle, but it suddenly occurred to me that both eagles may actually represent the USA and rather than two countries it may represent two events. First event being a smaller death ( small eagle) and second event being larger (large eagle).

Dream Three:

From 2015. I need to find the notebook that this one is written in. My 2016 music video “Racing for the Prize” was loosely based around this dream. There may be other details I have forgotten that may be recorded in the notebook when I find it.

The financial markets were beginning to implode. Over a weekend there would be a big smash down of the prices of gold and specially silver. I knew that the Elites were using this opportunity to get as much physical silver as they could before the opportunity ended. The price of precious metals stunned people by how low they went quickly ( driven by the paper market). On the Monday following, what occurred in the dream was the biggest stock market crash in history. I think actually the number I saw was under 8,000 points. I believe it was the Dow Jones. I knew that it was the last day that precious metals would ever be “cheap”. After that the price and value of silver and gold would go to the moon. Specially silver would skyrocket. But this was also the beginning of the global financial collapse.

As I stated, I don’t consider myself to be a ”prophet” so take these dreams how you will. I have kept them in mind and thought of them many times over the years and watched for events to match them. It appears as of now, that these may be playing out in reality. But you all be the judge.

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