Are There Giants and Super-Soldiers in Deep Underground Military Bases?

                  By Joanie Stahl with Foreword by Tony K Feb 2019


I was recently sent a dream by Joanie Stahl, that she had in December 2018. Bear in mind that Joanie actually lives within a short distance of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California. She informed me that she has never had a dream about giants before, and neither were they in her thoughts leading up to her dream. I felt that this dream warranted publishing, and Joanie agreed to allow us to publish it on the A Minute to Midnite website.

The Dream (written by Joanie Stahl)

Check it out I had a dream I want to share with you I had 12/6/2018

In my dream I was in my house and I decided that I wanted to go take a walk. It was the middle of the day.  It was rather strange because it was sudden. I left my house and walked several blocks from my house. As I was walking I kept saying to myself, “Why am I going on a walk right now, I have so much to do today!”  I got to a part of our neighbor hood into another housing tract.  I turned right into it, and was walking down the street, then all of a sudden I thought, “Hey, why am I even here? Why did I choose to walk here? I am leaving and going back home.”

So I turned around and walked back to the entrance of this particular neighborhood, and typically I would have only had to cross the street, turn left and walk back home all that way.  

But instead I looked and thought, “Hey, what in the world!”  I noticed that everything had changed and I could not go home the way I came. In fact, I saw only two options. On the right I saw a huge causeway or thoroughfare.  It had the appearance of a freeway on ramp but it was only for people. It looked newly built, but it was only for people.

Then straight ahead was clearly what looked like a huge tunnel that sloped downwards and looked dark. I was starting to feel afraid and just wanted to go home, but there was no way available for me to get there.  I saw a man standing on his yard so I asked him, “Excuse me, I was wondering how do I get out of here?  I am from this neighborhood up the way but I cannot find how to get there from here, everything is changed! I need to go left but there is now no way to go. (It was all hedged up with trees and bushes as if there had never been a road there before).

The man replied, “Oh you either take that way to the right, (the causeway), which will take you to transportation.” I said, “No I do not want to go that way, because its going south in the opposite direction.” The man said, “Well your best bet is to go straight ahead, you might be able to get home that way.”  I told the man that I was afraid to go down there, yet he said, “Well, that is your only option, perhaps they will help you.”


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