What is the Enneagram, and why are Churches using it?

MattS AMTM January 2019 Part 21 (heresy and false teachings)

I was in the throes of writing another article, and within the space of a day the word “Enneagram” came up three or four times. I had heard this word before in the context of my work in mental health and also in relation to Churches using whatever “Enneagram” was. It very much piqued my interest, because in reality, I had no idea what “Enneagram” was.

John Haller spoke of it in his weekly update, I saw the word in a blog column and then I listened to the AMTM program Tony had done with Marcia Montenegro(excellent program by the way). I had had some dialogue with Paul Benson of the “Let’s Get It Right” website and blog around “Contemplative Prayer”, and again the idea that Satan is messing with concepts and definitions of words and beliefs hit home to me again. Paul puts it so well in his Contemplative Prayer PART 1: Is It Really Prayer?article with a heading that says ” The Genuine Has Been Counterfeited!”. This is what Satan does! He counterfeits anything good by quietly and subtly changing definitions of good godly things, scriptural concepts, God’s Word. Satan has done this because he has had the time to do it, and he knows that we as human beings are lazy, and are pretty bad at fact checking.

When I looked up “Enneagram” I realised that I was to some degree familiar with what it was, but did not know much about its origins and original purposes. Well!! was I in for a shock.

Marcia Montenegro gave an amazing description of “Enneagram” in the program with Tony and Marcia is an amazing source of information on the New Age. Marcia was part of this movement for some 20 years and now works in Church ministry associated with education on the dangers of the New Age, her website is “Christian Answers For The New Age“. Marcia’s website has a wealth of information on the New Age, and she gives stark warning about how this movement is making its way not only into the secular world, but also into the Church.


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