The Emergent Church (or the “emerging Church”, just what is it?)

MattS AMTM December 2018 Part 17 (heresy and false teachings)

As promised from the AMTM audio program that Tony and I did Warning on the New Apostolic Reformation, Dominionism and the Emergent Church, I am going to provide a basic outline of the “Emergent” or “Emerging Church” movement, and follow up with a series of articles that give greater detail on some of the issues, and false teachings that are arising.
It seems that the “Emergent Church” in some ways is less well known than the NAR movement, however, it is my opinion that the “Emergent Church” have more dangerous, subtle, more easily digested forms of false teachings and false doctrines. In this article I will give a brief overview of the “Emergent Church” as it is a such a huge area to cover in a few pages. As mentioned, I will go into more of the false teachings and personalities involved in this movement in later articles.

The “Emergent Church” is probably much larger and less well defined than NAR, and from the research I have done so far, I could easily write a 500 page book on the “Emergent Church” and still have only exposed the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
So, for the scope of this article I will focus on just the prominent hallmarks, traits and ideas that define this movement.

What is the Emergent Church?


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