The New Apostolic Reformation, What is it?

Matt S Dec 2017 Part 12 – 1 (False teachings/heresy series)

It was a little over two years ago that a friend from Canada mentioned the term “New Apostolic Reformation”. I had not heard this term that I could remember, however when she described some of the teachings and behaviours of this group, I had a partial recognition of these things. As I read and researched, the term “New Apostolic Reformation” was surfacing more and more. “New Apostolic Reformation” is a bit of a mouthful, so let’s just call in NAR for short.

I would like to say at this point that the reason I’m addressing the NAR movement first, is that it seems that this movement may be responsible, for ushering in some of the deception spoken of in the Bible in End Times prophecy. I hope this will be a little clearer as I write more specifically in articles to come. I will also say that many many people involved in NAR are completely unaware of their involvement and for the most part are genuine and good people under deception to a greater or lesser degree. My purpose is not to bash individuals in this forum, but rather to bring to light some of the more devious and dangerous aspects of the movement and name some of those who actively promote NAR teachings. I believe satan is firmly behind the deception this movement brings, and he is using people unwittingly to peddle his lies.



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