Deception in the Church – Ancient Pagan Origins

By Tony K. & Joanie Stahl (July 2017)

*Black text by Tony K. *Blue text by Joanie S.


There is presently an increasing amount of deception creeping into the church. Many may see these deceptions as isolated and non-related; however, in this article we wish to attempt to show the readers that rather than being unrelated, a huge number of these deceptions have had many centuries to grow from ancient pagan and occult roots into the large spreading tree of spiritual beguilement’s that is seen today.

In a sense, it is frequently presented that Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry are opposing forces. Yet, when investigated further, we discover that at the highest level they are in fact part of the same tree, rather than being in opposition to one another. Unfortunately, much of protestant Christianity has been grafted into that tree. In addition, numerous cults are branches that share in the same common roots.

Who would not agree that there is, and has been, a symbol on earth for everything?  

From the beginning of human origin, before an alphabet or numbers, people from all cultures relied on the use of symbols for information and messages – symbols that designated nations, family groups, heraldry, kingdoms, religions, wealth and status, and even warnings.  


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