Pride Comes Before a Fall

Sean H. (June 2017)




In the dream, I found myself back at the local mall of my hometown. Around the mall were announcements that well-known supermodels were coming to the mall for a fashion show. There were men, women, and children flocking into the mall to see these models.

I kept hearing the men saying how they only wanted to see the hot models. The women and children were looking at these models as role models. Husbands kept ignoring their wives as they looked with haughty, lustful eyes towards the female models. All the wives began to gaze at the male models. The children endlessly ignored their parents as they saw all the new clothing lines in the show.

From a distance the models looked gorgeous. They drew me in even though I knew I should not have enjoyed the sight before my eyes. As I moved closer, the supermodels appearance began to change. I could see a depression set in their eyes. Their skin started to sag and their makeup started running down their faces. All their clothing became tattered like rags. The atmosphere felt dreary, as if something bad had just happened. Everyone’s true self was fully exposed for all to see. Each person looked at each other as if they were ashamed of who they really were underneath all the material looks and items.

All the people in the room immediately began to point out the flaws in each of the models, and they began calling them “ugly” in a mocking manner. The children looked dismayed. Rather than innocence in their eyes, I saw only depression. They looked just like their parents did… ashamed.

The sequence of the dream changed in the mall. The fashion show was over. I saw some people of my hometown who are part of the LGBT community. All of them were in their early teens to twenties. As I approached them, their faces displaced happiness as they invited me to talk with them. The group began to speak about Pride Month and asked if I would like to join their parade. I said, “I will not love your sin, but I will love you. For that reason I will not participate.” Their eyes suddenly filled with rage, and they looked at me with bitter disgust saying that I had no love at all. They said, “You have no love for our Pride!”


About Tony Koretz

A dedicated musician and audio engineer with a passion for all things related to sound and music, with a desire to see these things used for the Kingdom Of God. I have given years to this pursuit and to improving my skills in these areas. Having worked as a tech in the audio side of television, music, voice over, sound effects, sound for video, and all manner of other audio recording, mixing and mastering projects; I began to apply my knowledge of these to the creating of the A Minute To Midnite show in 2015. All the music used in every AMTM Show has been written, played and recorded by me. I love being able to combine my gifts as a composer, musician and sound engineer, with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, along with a message of warning people to prepare for the End Time Events that are unfolding before us. The A Minute To Midnite show and running the website has pretty much become my full time occupation now. You can find my royalty-free instrumental music and sound effects packs at and my music with vocals at
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