112- Michael Snyder – Imperative Warnings – War – Government Shutdown – Debt Defaults – Judgement To Fall!

In Episode 112 Michael Snyder joins Tony to discuss a mountain of important  current information. The interview is one you definitely do not want to miss! This week we may well see the biggest tests of the Trump Presidency so far beginning.  Ramifications could be huge!

The first topic covered is the Five Eyes spy network meeting currently being held in New Zealand. What is going on there?

Following this, the discussion turns to  two potential world war trigger events. One  in Syria and the other in North Korea.  Michael brings out some startling truths about the situation, and then compares this to Henry Gruver’s incredible vision of Russian submarines launching nuclear missiles at the United States.

Next the discussion turns to the US debt ceiling. Is Donald Trump going to unconditionally surrender to the Democrats and completely give up his dream of building a border wall in order to avoid a government shutdown on his 100th day in office?  This is an incredibly important topic of discussion, as is what follows: A look at the true state of the US economy. There is much debate about where the U.S. economy is ultimately heading, but what everybody should be able to agree on is that economic conditions are significantly worse this year than they were last year.

Possibly the most important topic discussed in a  show that is chock full of important issues, is that of Michael’s assertion: Major prophetic warnings Socially accepted but immoral lifestyles in the church will be exposed and judgement starts now! We are about to see a huge shaking in the world and judgement will begin in the church.

112- Michael Snyder – Imperative Warnings – War – Government Shutdown – Debt Defaults – Judgement To Fall!

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