106- Stan Deyo – Super Volcanoes & Heavenly Signs

Episode 106 of the A Minute To Midnite show sees the return of Stan Deyo as guest. The show begins with a discussion on the strange weather patterns around the globe. Then Stan talks about the “wobbles’ in the earth’s poles, and the heating going on inside the earth. Animal and fish die-offs, whale stranding’s and Fukushima radiation is covered next. The main topic covered then becomes volcanic activity round the globe. In the interview Stan tells Tony about a dream he had some years ago in which he saw a future catastrophic eruption of the Lake Taupo super volcano in New Zealand. It is a fascinating but sobering dream with associated occurrences around it. Stan and Tony discuss the volcanic zone in New Zealand, as well as the Yellowstone super volcano in America. Following this, the discussion moves to the cashless society and digital currency (666 system). The Great Tribulation, rapture and signs in the sky then ensues as a topic of conversation, and Stan talks about the signs spoken of in Revelation chapter 12 as they may relate to the constellations. *Disclaimer: Note that the views on the rapture spoken of in the interview do not necessarily represent those held by everyone in the A Minute To Midnite team 106- Stan Deyo – Super Volcanoes & Heavenly Signs

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