098- Russian Troops In The US & Freemasonry Exposed – Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

Episode 098.. Joanie Stahl and Brook Ardoin  join Tony  in an in-house AMTM team show. Joanie begins by revisiting the discussion she had with a Secret Service agent, and the topic is Russian and UN troops on US soil. Find out what was revealed there.

The bulk of this episode deals with exposing the lucifeian truth behind freemasonry. This is a powerful expose of what goes on in the darkness of this cult, and how it is that they control the seats of power in society and in government. The listener should be left in no doubt that it is Lucifer (Satan) who is  freemasonry’s Great Architect of the Universe. The ultimate plan is a Satanic World Government.

098- Russian Troops In The US & Freemasonry Exposed-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K

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