096- Nathan Leal – Part 1- NAR Deception & America’s False Reprieve

Episode 096. Nathan Leal joins Tony on the A Minute To Midnite Show for part one of a two part series. In this first instalment he brings out information that should really challenge the theology of the Christians who believe that America is under a reprieve from judgement because Donald Trump is in office. This so-called reprieve is being loudly touted by many evangelical Christians. Leal examines the roots of this belief, and lays out in the open what he believes to be the truth in this situation. What he uncovers paints a very different picture from what the afore mentioned evangelicals have been prophesying. Much of the Christian church lays under an enormous deception.

This episode lays the groundwork for some mind boggling revelations that are to follow in part two of the series.

096- Nathan Leal – Part 1- NAR Deception & America’s False Reprieve

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